Thursday, October 23

Happy Things Thursday!

Can you Adam and Eve it? I have a coke bottle with my name on it! I honestly cannot tell you how excited this makes me. Where did this badboy come from? Well Becky arrived at my flat yesterday an after about half an hour she told me she had a present for me. She opened up her bag, pulled out the bottle and turned it around to show my name. I think my initial reply was "Oh my God are you serious!?". I've never owned anything with my name on! Not a teddy bear, a fridge magnet, a glitter hair-band, nothing! Yesterday was a great day guys, a great day indeed. On that happy note, here are some other things that have made me happy this week:

Celebrating M's birthday! I still can't believe that M is 1! We had a jolly old time watching her open presents on Monday evening. Her reaction to her Henry Hugglemonster teddy was the sweetest!

Becky coming to visit! As you know, Becky arrived yesterday afternoon! We took Rex for walks, ate Dominos pizza, watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers' stone and filmed some Youtube videos! It was a splendid 24 hours. Watching Becky's reaction to Edward Scissorhands should also be included in this because it's honestly one of the funniest things I've seen.

Dogs and their owners having fun. On my way home from the train station today I was watching the driver behind me on each traffic light. His dog was sat in the passenger seat and every time they came to a traffic light the dog would jump onto his owner's lap, give him lots of love and kisses and then jump back on to the passenger seat when the lights changed. The owner was so happy every time the dog jumped up over and it was so bloody sweet to watch!

Plans with my besty! I am spending tomorrow evening at Becca's pad, we'll be stuffing our faces with Chinese takeaway and watching whatever crap is on the tell box. And then we're off to the dress shop on Saturday to have another look at Becca's wedding dress! I can't wait to see her, I haven't seen her in over a month now and that is just far too long!

Thinking Last One Out weren't going to be able to play a show... and then they did! On Saturday evening, Danielle, A and I headed down to Penzance to watch Last One Out. Just before they were about to start their set Liam realises something is wrong with his gear. He had no idea what was wrong but it took about 15 minutes for it to get sorted. I was so worried that the problem wasn't going to be fixed and it would turn out that they'd driven all that way and set up all of their gear for nothing. Luckily, as I said, the problem was rectified and they managed to play a 15 minute set. Which was much better than nothing!

Lush's Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner. Holy wow, my hair smells divine. I could eat it, it smells that delicious.

What's been making you happy this week?

Wednesday, October 22

Wednesday Loves #82!

This eyeliner seems pretty exciting. I'm thinking about giving it a go!

17 Ways to  Make Your Bed the Cosiest Place On Earth. I'm seriously going to be giving these a go.

This Alice in Wonderland water colour is beautiful!
Holy crap. How bad ass is this hair clip?

Meg has really inspired me to feel great in the skin that I'm in. We really should love ourselves more. Just look how incredible she looks!

Oh my god! This ring is incredible!

Holy crap on a cracker. This home is incredible!
"Where do you live?"
"Oh, you know, wherever we want!"
Other awesome links:<3 I love this "you win or you die" embroidery. Game of Thrones embroidery FTW!
<3 This cat can't quite work out how to deal with a lemon.

<3 This "As If!" Clueless t-shirt is amazing!
<3 A dreamcatcher necklace? It's so pretty!
<3 Here are some of the most beautiful and colourful buildings in the world. They're not lying, they really are beautiful!
<3 Karen Gillan's hair looks incredible. I'm so jealous of her natural colour!
<3 A Mean Girls mug? I'll take 5!

Awesome people in blog world:

<3 Becky's taking part in Waterstones' Murder Mystery. Why don't you join in and see if you can guess who the murderer is?
<3 I have no idea about how to clean my make-up brushes so Kate's tips are a huge help.
<3 Rosie's made triple chocolate Halloween apples and my god they look amazing.

<3 What do you love about yourself? Danielle posted the self-love tag and it's a bloomin' great tag!
<3 So Erica's friend saved a baby in an airport before... that tops any random act of kindness I've ever done!
<3 Sam is learning mandarin! How incredible is that? Good luck with it my lovely!


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Tuesday, October 21

Review :: Luster Premium White Pro Light Whitening System*!

Many moons ago (it's frightening how long ago really, I really need to update the list!) I put together a 101 in 1001 days list. There are a few things on there that I've managed to cross off, there are some things on there that I've done but just forgotten to cross off and there are many, many things still waiting to be done. This month I managed to tick off one more thing thanks to the people of Sparkle PR.

I've always had a bit of a dislike for my teeth. They're wonky, they're all a bit of a strange shape and they weren't white enough at all. So when I was asked if there was anything I would like to try from a list of things put together to create Nicole Scherzinger's look I quickly jumped at the chance to try something that might make me like my teeth a bit more. 

It's such an easy treatment. You cover your first 6-8 teeth in the whitening solution, marked with a 1. Leave it for 30 seconds so it can dry and then cover the same teeth with the activator whitening gel, marked with a 2 and leave that for another 30 seconds. Then you place the light 1-2cms away from your teeth, pop on a big cheesy grin and press the button. There are two little beeps to let you know that it's started and after 2 minutes it beeps twice again to let you know it's finished. Simple! They recommend continuing use for a total of 20 treatments and even give you three different plans that you could use. I just used it every morning and evening after normal brushing and found that it worked really well.

Before you start the treatment you're advised to match your colour to the chart supplied in the pack. With 21 being the darkest and 1 being the whitest I matched myself between 16 and 17. My teeth were never an awful colour but they just weren't anything special, you know? Now I've matched myself at 6 now which is absolutely perfect for me because freakishly white teeth are just so unnatural and weird looking.

The lighting in our flat isn't great and I tried my hardest to get a good before and after shot. These are the best of the bunch! I'm a lot happier with my smile now, I've stopped looking at my teeth as much, which sounds odd. You'd think I'd look at them more because they're whiter but I would constantly be checking my teeth before the treatment. I'd walk past mirrors during the day and think "God, my teeth look so awful today!" but I rarely even check them anymore because I feel much more comfortable with them.

What did I really like about it?
It's a pain free way of whitening your teeth. I've never been able to pluck up the courage to get my teeth whitened on a trip to the dentist because countless people have told me that it really bloody hurts for a few days after. This treatment is at least half the price and painless! It does warn that some irritation can occur from the whitening gels but I had no irritation and no redness! 
You can re-use the product too. As long as it's not within a certain amount of time, obviously. You don't want to damage your gums. But at £49.99 for a product that works and you can reuse? I'd definitely recommend it.
Was there anything I didn't like about it?
It comes with batteries, which was great and it claims that if you use it twice a day for 2 minutes at a time then the batteries should last for 5 hours. Well they didn't, they lasted a total of 13 sessions. You don't need to be a genius to work out that 13 sessions at 2 minutes a time is just under 30 minutes. That's a long stretch to 5 hours!

Do I have any tips for anyone thinking of buying it?I would definitely recommend putting some tissue or cotton wool between your lips and gums because you'll be dribbling like a baby if you don't, and that is not attractive!

Have you ever tried this product?

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*I was sent this product to review by
Sparkle PR. All views are honest and 100% my own.

Monday, October 20

Happy 1st Birthday, M!

I know, I honestly can't believe it's been a year that this little girl has been in our lives already. A whole year! Where does the time go! It honestly feels like only a few of months have passed since I was falling in love with her on the first day of her life. Now here we are, 12 months later and my oh my how she has grown.

I remember how utterly terrified I was when I first held her because she was the tiniest little thing I had ever seen in my whole life. I'd never actually held a newborn baby before. Scratch that, I'd never really ever held a baby before. Especially not a 6lb 2oz baby! She was the tiniest little thing and that just made her 1000 times cuter. Sadie passed her over to me and I just sat staring at her for ages. I was afraid to move in case I dropped her and I also didn't want to be that person that woke a sleeping baby. Those people are the worst! After a few minutes I remember thinking "OK this really isn't as scary as I thought" and then my confidence came and it was a doddle. 
Over these last 12 months M as grown into greatest little girl in the world. Her intelligence amazes me every single time I see her. Just today she was putting triangles into triangle shaped holes and circles into circle shaped holes and I just sat there thinking "holy crap, babies are amazing." She loves books and I'm so happy about that. Liam's pretty happy because they share the same favourite book - Dear Zoo. At the moment she's loving books with flaps, which is why Dear Zoo is a favourite of hers. I can't wait until she's old enough for me to read some of my favourite children's books to her. The Harry Potter series will have to wait a little longer but you'd better believe I'll be reading them to her when she's old enough.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Henry Hugglemonster and In The Night Garden. She absolutely loves to drum on anything. When she's old enough we are definitely buying her a drum set because this girl is going to be a kick ass drummer, let me tell you. She analyses everything with her forefinger and it's the funniest thing. Anything you put in front of her she's like "hold on guys, just need to check it out for a second... yep we're cool. It's just a Wotsit."

I knew being an auntie would be great but I didn't know it would be this great. When I walk into the room and she instantly smiles it just melts my heart. She was having a little grump when Liam and I turned up to see her today and as we walked in the door she turned, noticed we were there and then started to giggle. She jiggled her little legs and then made her way over to us. She crawled under the table and tried grabbing up at me for me to pick her up and I thought "Yep. Me and this girl are best buddies."

Happy birthday Little Chunk.
I bloody love you I do. 

Auntie Leona 
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