Monday, April 13

Sucky Sunday!

I come to you on this Sunday evening with one annoyance and one annoyance only. It's mostly Twitter that has made me increasingly annoyed with this because for some reason people just seem to go on about it on there more. What is it? Well,

"Thank god it's the weekend", "ugh Mondays" and "why isn't it the weekend yet?" Yes, everyone loves a weekend. It's great when friday evening arrives and you  know that you can kick back and relax but must be make a big thing about it every single week? I understand that you might have had a tough week and you feel that you deserve a nice weekend off but why not just say that instead of sharing one of those annoying T.G.I.F images? If I see one more bloody picture then I'm probably going to scream!

And just when I thought it was safe because the weekend is over, I hope there will be no more annoying images and tweets... no, I see "is it Friday yet?" and "I hate Mondays" images plastered all over Instagram! Friday will come and go, just as Monday will. You know what? All the other days of the week will too and they'll come and go again and again, we don't need to see your excitement or heartbreak over their return. 

I'm not just being bitter because I work in retail which means I don't get every weekend off. I actually prefer weekdays off! It's just becoming increasingly more annoying going through my Twitter and Instagram feeds at the start and end of the weekend. 

If I see another "well that's the weekend over with" status or tweet again then I'm probably going to stab someone in the neck with a knife*. OF COURSE THE WEEKEND IS OVER. THAT'S HOW THEY WORK.

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*i'm not actually going to do this. It's a quote from Step Brothers - one of the greatest films ever. If you already knew that then DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!

Thursday, April 9

(Let's Pretend This Is) Wednesday Loves #101!

Look at this yin-yang kitty patch!

This looks like an Aardman version of Harry Potter and I wish it was a real thing.

Animals licking windows is a pretty funny thing.

Oh wow, this ring is so beautiful!

There is something so calming about this picture.

Holy crap, look at the size of this rabbit!

I think we could all do with a bit of this in the mornings.

Yep. Cats are cool but they're also dicks.


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Tuesday, April 7

Monthly M :: 16 - 17 Months!

One of my favourite days with M and Sadie this month was the day that we went to a place called Zero Gravity. It's a huge lot full of gym equipment for little ones. When we first arrived we were stood in a little room with some soft play toys and I assumed this would be where we were going to spend our time. M started to walk towards the giant school gymnasium area and I thought "I don't think we're supposed to be in there!" Nut Sadie let her carry on and I suddenly realised that yes, we were about to have hours of fun in this huge room full of equipment. 

From the moment we first stepped foot in the room M was having the time of her life. She was running around on the bouncy floors, climbing all over the soft play shapes and then she headed for my favourite bit - the runway trampoline. Imagine a catwalk but with a bouncy trampoline base. It's incredible. I was bouncing up a down alongside her while she quick-walked (because she's not quite mastered running or jumping yet) and she was having a whale of a time! We spent a good hour and a half running around the huge room of fun before she got too knackered. Everything is so much more fun when a 17 month old is involved.

Aaanyway, how's M been doing this month? Well we decided to stop Gym Bubbas. When you have places as awesome as Zero Gravity, Drake's Den and Piran's Play World around you in every direction it seems a bit of a waste to just do the same thing every week. This way we're not tied down and we can do whatever we want on Wednesdays! 

Sadie took her to a Princess party! Which is why she is dressed as Belle in the picture! I'm sure M will get used to being dressed as a princess though. Although maybe not, my favourite Disney characters are usually everyone but the official princesses so we shall see!

One of my all time favourite things to see M do is play with grandad. My dad is just an absolute clown. He's always trying to be funny and M absolutely laps it up. He manages to make her full-belly laugh by moving a pair of wellies from side to side. I'm honestly not even joking, that is the extent of the game and oh my god, does she laugh! It's so sweet to watch them play together! My dad isn't afraid to play a little roughly with her and she seriously loves that. I think he's the only one brave enough to do it!

Her hair is super long now. She probably needs a fringe trim but I just can't bare to see her get her hair cut! I'm hoping Sadie does it while I'm not there. I can deal with it as long as she doesn't let anyone touch the back! 

She's finally moved on from Frozen. She still likes it but she's moved on to The Lion King now. Which is great, The Lion King is such an awesome film. I just can't be around when that scene is on. M must love it because she doesn't understand what's going on in that scene!! Disney makes great films though, you can't deny it. They seem to be the only films she can watch over and over again. 

Her walking is getting much, much stronger. She absolutely loves spending as much time in the garden as possible and her first word is definitely "wow!. Everything is "wow!" "Woooow!" And "WOOOW!" 

She's such a little babe.


Saturday, April 4

Things That Have Made Me Happy This March.

This month has been full of highs and lows. Don't worry, it was an awful lot of highs and just one low, but that one low left me feeling a little down. This is when I start to realise how important my monthly happy lists are! It's lovely to think back over the past month and think "you know what? This month has had its good times."

A lovely meal with two of my main ladies. Sadie, Becca and I went out for a really yummy meal a few weeks ago and we had such a lovely night. Nights out with my girls are always the best. I ordered the fish and chips and oh my goodness was it large. I couldn't eat even a third of the fish because it was so bloody big! 

Watching M and my dad play together. It's the sweetest thing in the world.

Sadie's new DCs. I'm a massive DC girl. I got my first pair when I was 15 and have loved them ever since. I bought a new turquoise pair a few months ago and Sadie loves them. To cut a long story short, I found a red pair for her and she bought them. It reminded me of the story my mum always tells me - when Sadie found out my mum was carrying me, she asked if we could wear the same clothes and be twins. She didn't realise that she was 7 years older than me so the twin thing would be a bit impossible. That story always makes me smile.

Papa John's Pizza. Oh my god you guys. Papa John's pizza is the bee's knees. I've never had it before and it is just delicious. It beats Domino's pizza for me because it tastes just as great but it was covered in grease. I didn't feel gross and bloated afterwards. I am definitely a Papa John's fan now! 

Being invited to my first blogging event. Three weeks ago I was invited to my local Lush store to attend their Easter and Mothers' day event. I had so much fun and I met lots of lovely bloggers. It was really successful for my first ever event and I'm so glad I didn't embarrass myself or say the wrong thing to anyone... Let's be honest, it was very likely to happen!

Series 2 of Orphan Black. We loved the first series of Orphan Black so we're pretty happy to see they'd put series 2 on Netflix! It's a scifi series about sisters, except these are not your usual sisters. That's all I'll say, you should just definitely give it a go. It's gripping and exciting and it's so nice to watch a scifi programme that I actually like. 

Visiting Platform 9 &3/4. I know I keep saying that I'm going to show you some pictures from mine and Becky's AMAZING trip and I promise that I will. All you need to know now is that it was incredible and I would definitely recommend going. You can take a peek at Becky's photos while you wait for mine! She's much  more efficient than I am.

Asda's create your own pizza. Clearly pizza has played a big part in the month of March. Have you ever made your own pizza at Asda? It's great! It's like any other pizza place's "create your own" service but for about a third of the price... And it's JUST AS DELICIOUS. Amazing. 

Jonny Craig's solo stuff. This dude has been in many a band over the years but Emarosa was by far his greatest choice. If you've never heard of them then please please give them a go. The Past Should Stay Dead is one of my all-time favourites so I'd start with that one! He has an incredible voice. I've been listening to a lot of his solo stuff lately and I just cannot get enough. Children of Divorce sends shivers down my spine. 

Making friends in Twitter chats. I managed to join in with 2 Twitter chats at the end of March and I was reminded of how much fun they were! I definitely need to remember to join in with more of them! 

@lbloggerschat reaching 10k followers. You may or may not know that I run the #lbloggers chat with the @lbloggerschat account. This week it reached 10,000 followers and I was so shocked! I never thought it would reach that crazy level!