Monday, September 22

Sucky Smonday!

I worked all day yesterday, got home and walked Rex straight away. Then I had an hour to cook and eat my tea, all while getting ready to go and meet some work friends. It was a pretty busy hour and a half but I did it! Having lots of things to do meant that I didn't have any time to sit down and write up my Sucky Sunday post so I'm using my trusty play on words again this week! It's actually been a really good week, I haven't been annoyed by many things. Of course, this is me so fret not there have been a few:

Students and vomit. Isn't it a fun time of year when students arrive? Pubs and clubs are so much busier, the streets are much nosier and the flats in our block are louder too, you know what's worse though? There is vomit everywhere. I walked to work on Sunday morning and saw four different patches of it on my 5 minute journey. Come on no dears, take it easy, yeah?

Tetley Tea dudes. Why oh why have these sweet little dudes changed? Where was the need for the HD fellas without their white coats? WHY ARE THEY WEARING BLUE JUMPERS? God, it's the Wonga granny puppets all over again isn't it?

Customers who wait outside shops before they're open. It's a Sunday, it's 45 minutes before the shops are open, I'm walking into work and I see so many customers waiting outside on the benches. Why are you in town so early on a Sunday morning! It's a Sunday morning! You should be at home having a lie-in, having a rest or really just doing anything other than being in town before the shops are even open!!

Mcvities kitten advert. OK, I only have one thing to say about this advert. Are you telling me that eating a McVities biscuit is like eating a kitten? Because I am not OK with that!

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Saturday, September 20

Spotlight of Awesomeness :: 365 Postcards for Ants.

This is something a little new that I'm trying. I'm mixing things up a bit. I know, I'm crazy like that. This idea started when I found a few great things that I wanted to add to my Wednesday Loves posts but I just couldn't decide on one image to share with you all. You know what it's like, you find something that you really bloomin' love but how the heck are you supposed to choose which image to share!? That image is supposed to represent how amazing something is and it's there to encourage you to go and check it out. The amount of times I've just included three or four pictures because one wasn't enough is ridiculous. So I decided, if something's the awesome why not dedicate a post to it? And that's exactly what I'll be doing. This week is an example of how utterly difficult it is to choose just one image out of hundreds of amazing ones.

I was scrolling through Tumblr when I came across some absolutely beautiful paintings. Thankfully the person who created the post had credited the pictures and so I was taken to pages filled with more of this beautiful artwork. Lorraine started the project in 2013 and has carried it on this year. If you want to find out some more about her stunning illustrations then visit her website or look through her archives. I promise you, you'll be there for hours scrolling through them all because they're just so incredible! For now I will leave you with some examples of  her work, enjoy.

Can you see how I would have struggled choosing only a few? Aren't they mind-blowing!

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Thursday, September 18

Happy Things Thursday!

Liam is working away this week. He's up in that London working at a Toni & Guy event so it's just me and Rex this week. He's a production manager, not a hairdresser, I'm not sure if I've ever told you to be honest? Liam's mum's is obviously home sometimes too but she's a party animal and rarely comes home before 10:30PM. Seriously, that woman has a better social life than we do! So far this week has been all about writing posts/reading blogs and reading my book. I never really get the chance to read when Liam's home, well, I do. Just not as much as I can when he's working away! So although I miss him a whole lot, I tend to fill my time with reading! So without further ado, here are some things that have made me happy this week: 

The views on The Hoe. I know, I'll never be able to talk about that place without you sniggering. I'm ok with it! You know when you walk around somewhere quite often and then one day you suddenly realise just how beautiful it is? That happened yesterday 

Lunch date with Liam. Sunday was Liam's last day at home before he had to catch the night train up to London that evening. He came to meet me on my lunch and we had a little lunch date, which was really nice. 

Rex and his ball. I bought Rex a new toy a couple of weeks ago. It was a big tug toy thing and it had a rubber ball attached to the end. Rex managed to chew the rope which connected the ball to the toy and I thought that that would be the end of the ball. Once a ball is free for Rex to chew he usually destroys it in about an hour. Well he seems to completely love this ball because he hasn't destroyed it, he plays with it constantly and he carries it around the flat with him. I don't know why this ball is so special but it's so cute watching him carry it everywhere.

A sweet phone call from Liam. I had some weird news yesterday. Some weird family news and I didn't know how to feel about it so I texted Liam letting him know about the news and he rang me a little while later. He took the time out of his crazy busy day just to make sure that I was ok and that's why I love him. He's such a sweetheart. 

Ploughing through chapters. I'm halfway through A Storm Of Swords now and it's probably the most I've managed to read in the last month or so! I'm really excited to finish it because I'm nearly up to where the TV show left off so it should be all new and exciting storylines then!

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Wednesday, September 17

Wednesday Loves #77!

Damn, this lady is incredible.

Squirrel earrings! Squirrel earrings!!

Rosie made peanut butter and jam sandwich cookies and oh my god they look utterly scrumptious.

Oh my god! A necklace with real dandelion seeds in! Be still my heart!

How do you draw attention to the poor condition of your roads? You set up a hilarious photo shoot around them!

How creepy are these candle holders? They're also pretty darn cool!

Gus is a slightly cross-eyed cat and he's definitely my new favourite internet cat.

The cast of Married With Children joined Katey Segal as she was honored on Hollywood's Walk of Fame! I loved Married With Children!

These coasters are so sweet! I want them so much!

Other awesome links:
<3 Cheshire cat cushions! They look a little scary too and I think that's what I like about them.
<3 David Cameron receives a lot of hate on Twitter so someone decided to turn the tweets into some pretty funny greeting cards. "You sir, are a shiny faced c*ck" is probably my favourite. 
<3 Panic! At The Disco covered Bohemian Rhapsody on their latest tour and it's amazing.
<3 To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends a pop-up Central Perk coffee shop will be opening in New York City and it looks so cool! I want to go!
<3 This has to be the most relaxed dog I have ever seen in my life. His owner is giving him a "spa treatment" and it looks so lush. The other dog is just waiting on the sidelines like "is it my turn yet!?"
<3 Oh, you know. It's just some pretty drawings of birds ON A LEAF.
<3 Holy cow, these Harry Potter inspired bedrooms are just unbelievable. The second one is so awesome!

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Kirsty's Ebay wishlists are always great but this week's was the best ever. It was Harry Potter themed and it included the best phone case ever!
<3 Let's just talk about how much of a cutie Kloe is. This Fall Out Boy playlist of how much of a fan girl she is is bloody awesome. There are some right tunes on there!
<3 I love birthing stories! Maybe I'm weird or maybe I'm just curious and want to take in as much information as I can before the big day comes for me but I just love reading them. Kaelah put together a post about her experience and although she had a pretty rough time with it, she has sweet little Linden as a reward for putting up with it! 
<3 It looks like Sophie had a fantastic time at Bimble's birthday party! 
<3 Becky has written two great posts this week. One is about our friendship (so that obviously had to be included in this list!!) and the second is a far more important post. It's called How It Feels. I won't tell you what it's about but it is an incredibly personal post, it's already helped so many people and I'm so incredibly proud of Becky for posting it. The password for the post is "London".

*This post contains Etsy links as part of an affiliate program. This just means that the etsy items I would usually include in my posts might start helping this little blog out.. If you've not yet ventured into the awesome world of Etsy then go ahead! Here's a £5 credit for signing up!