Wednesday, November 26

Wednesday Loves #86!

Oh how I love Chris Ramsay

This badge is awesome!

Leo was found on a beach. He was paralysed and was dragging his back legs behind him. Maegan set up a Gofundme page for help in supporting this little guy... read more to find out what happened. It's got a wonderful ending and if you've ever doubted that dogs can smile then just look at the contrast between the first few photos and the last.

Not only is Sophie an absolute sweetheart but she also creates some really sweet jewellery. This Movember ring is so cute!

Anna Widya creates some of the greatest looking meals for her children. I don't think I'd want to eat them though.

This necklace is so beautiful!

I love this candle! Once it's burned down it would look so sweet on your shelf!

The struggle is still real. We still have our huge CD wallet.

Would it be weird to have Game of Thrones bauballs on our tree?... Nah!

Other awesome links:
<3 I think we should all print out a Miley and we could all have wrecking-ball bauballs. Imagine how great that would be!
<3 Arlo will only stay calm when he's in the car if his owner holds his hand. He looks so damn cute!
<3 I know you probably don't need to be reminded what was happening when Justin Bieber released his debut album but in case you were wondering, it's a lot of stuff that I didn't realise was so long ago.
<3 Dave Grohl shut T. Swift up over her moan about Spotify. Because, you know, she's not making enough money already.
<3 Look at this Hogwarts at Christmas painting. It looks so magical!

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Oh wow. Bess made some chocolate and caramel tartlets and they look so delicious!
<3 Clare shared a DIY on some really pretty autumn styled bunting.
<3 Want to win some amazing prizes from FloridaTix? Head on over to Amy's blog to find out how! 
<3 Sophie has 2 pretty interesting questions to ask you before she decides whether she's your friend or not. Just be warned that if you answer number one with Jaffa Cake then Im instantly judging you.
<3 Danielle filmed 2 Furry Friend tags with her little man Baker. They're my new favourite videos because Baker is just so sweet!

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The Book Blogger Tag!

A long, long time ago Hayley of Water Painted Dreams posted a book blogger tag. I really liked the questions so I saved it in my drafts and planned on filling it in later. Skip forward a couple of months and I'm finally answering the questions! We all love a good book, right? What about the books we didn't like, the books that drove us crazy or the books we couldn't out down? I really enjoyed this tag because it rekindled my love for some of the books I haven't read for years. The ones that are just collecting dust on my shelves right now.

Which book most recently did you not finish?
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I was so excited about this book. I'd seen it mentioned a lot in Youtube videos and around the blogosphere and everyone was raving about it. I was pretty gutted when I couldn't even get 2 chapters in without putting it down. I just could not get into it. I had to re-read the first few paragraphs because the words just wouldn't stick. I'm hoping I'll go back to it one day and I'll like it but for now it's on my Disappointing Book shelf.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?
Highland Fling by Katie Fforde. I stopped reading proper chick-flicks a long time ago. It wasn't that I didn't like them anymore, I just got through them really quickly and always felt like I was reading the same thing. There was one chick-flick story that I actually completely loved though and that was Highland Fling. I don't know whether it's because it's set in Scotland and the cold, Christmas setting just sounds so lovely but something about it stuck with me.

Which book do you love to hate?
This is a tough one because if I hate a book, I just don't like it and it's quite hard to find reasons to love it. I'd probably go with My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I really enjoyed the book and then the film came out and now people just judge you for ever reading it. It's actually a really great book and the ending is totally different from the film. You should definitely give it a go.

Which book would you throw into the sea?
The Twilight books. I appreciate them because they're the books that got me back into reading but once I started reading other books I began to realise that they are truly awful books. 

Which book have you read the most?
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I have so many different editions of it that I reread it each time I get a new one!

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?
The Fifty Shades of Grey books. It made me shudder when people were buying them for their friends and family because no matter what you say, it's erotic fiction (read porn) and that's just weird. 

Which book could you not live without?
I'm gunna go for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass because without it I wouldn't have my obsession with it! 

Which book made you the angriest?
Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me by Lucia Van Der Post because it was bloody awful. 

Which book made you cry the most?
Goodnight Beautiful by Dorothy Koomson. Oh god, this book was so incredible but so heartbreaking. It's one of those books that you can't stop reading but you really wish you could because it just breaks your heart in places.

Which book cover do you hate the most?
Any "film tie-in" cover. I really hate film tie-in covers. 

Thanks for the questions Hayley! Let me know if you do this tag too!
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Monday, November 24

The Underland to Wonderland Calendar.

I'm sure most of you know Danielle and her lovely blog, Underland to Wonderland. Did you know that she's a pretty awesome photographer too? A couple of months ago Danielle mentioned that she was thinking of making a calender filled with some of her favourite images of all of the wonderful nature around her area and I snapped up the chance to buy one. Who wouldn't want beautiful images like this on your wall? 

Danielle is selling the calendars at £10 each. For more information about them just visit her photography Facebook page. Don't panic! You've still got time to buy one, you have until November 30th to put your name down. And why not? Danielle is an absolutely awesome lady, she's become a great blogging friend of mine, her photography is beautiful and I think it would be great to put a smile on her face!

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Thursday, November 20

What's The Happy Haps? :: Taking Stock

Well this week has been a big old barrel of laughs. Friday morning started with me throwing up in work (I thought I'd start the post nicely for you all!) and then it just got worse from there. I managed to stay strong and plod along in work until it was time to go home and I hoped a little nap and some toast might help me along. I was supposed to be seeing A Day To Remember that evening so I was keeping my fingers crossed that I'd start to feel better. To cut a long story short I didn't get better and it took me six days and a lot of vomiting (keeping it delicious for you.) to feel 100% again. I was absolutely gutted that I had missed A Day To Remember! Luckily I'd seen them before so it wasn't as heartbreaking but it'll probably be a while until I get another chance to see them. Le sigh. 

So Thursday, here we are. It's the first day that I've felt normal and I thought it would be the perfect time for a little catch up. This little Taking Stock post has made it's way around my favourites' (see Michelle's, Chelsea's and Bee's fabulous posts.) blogs and so I'm borrowing it, you can all have it back as soon as I'm done with it, I swear.

 Liam feel better. I managed to pass my bug on to him and I felt awful.
Cooking actual food that I can eat. I can't even explain how hungry I was. 2 pieces of toast and 4 digestive biscuits is not enough food consumption for 48 hours.
Drinking so much water!
Reading A Feast for Crows. It's ruddy good, I'm telling you!
Wanting some more new pyjamas. I bought some great new bottoms from Sainsbo's the other day and I am in love.
Looking for inspiration for Christmas presents for my mum. She is absolutely the hardest woman to buy for!
Playing Jelly Splash. I stopped playing it about 6 months ago and just decided to play this morning while I was lying in bed. 7 levels later... haha!
Wasting my time playing Jelly Splash!
Deciding on which uni course to apply for. 
Wishing I had already applied to uni years ago and had already finished my course. It's a daunting thing.
Enjoying my two days off with Liam. Even if we were both a little under the weather.
Waiting for my inspiration to write my personal statement to kick in. I don't think it's going to.
Liking my new blog layout. I changed it at the start of last week and I thought I'd start to dislike it but I still love it!
Wondering what these next three weeks in work are going to be like. Two of those weeks are going to be spent working until midnight so I'm really not looking forward to it.
Loving Liam. He really was so lovely looking after me this weekend. What a babe.
Considering Giving up filling out my UCAS form and just finding an easier route.
Watching House. We've nearly finished the first season. Can someone tell me whether every single episode is: Character collapses - Doctors don't know what's wrong - Doctors think they've solved it - they haven't solved it - patient nearly dies - patient's relative gets angry because the Doctors got it wrong - Doctors solve it - patient is ok - everything is great. Because if it's 8 whole seasons of that then I really don't think I can take it.
Hoping for a wonderful Christmas.
Marvelling at how I really can't think of an answer for this.
Needing to pay the fine we got for parking in a bus stop. It was 9PM and we needed something from Tesco!
Smelling my gorgeous scents from Maryjoscents. They are so gorgeous!
Wearing my pyjamas.
Following Halo. Liam's been playing it non-stop since it was released last week.
Noticing the little things that make me happy.
Knowing I'm back to work tomorrow and it makes me awfully sad.
Thinking about what awesome presents I can buy people for Crimbo!
Feeling thankful for such a sweet fiancĂ©.
Admiring Sophie for her bloody awesome charity work
Buying Christmas presents for my besty.
Getting excited about writing blog posts again!
Bookmarking my favourite posts for my Wednesday Loves post. I have so many posts to catch up on!
Opening emails. This week has just been crazy for emails. Companies are just going Christmas crazy aren't they?
Giggling at the jokes Liam and I have. We sat on the sofa this morning laughing at each other's feet... for about 20 minutes. I kid you not. 

What have you been up to while I've been away?Leona 
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