Wednesday, April 23

Wednesday Loves #60!

Holy crap, this necklace is awesome!

 How beautiful is this dress? The answer is SO beautiful!
Rosie got engaged! Yay, congratulations Rosie!

I need this tank top!

Man, Bodhi is just too handsome!

This is the most beautiful duvet cover I've ever seen!

This mobile might be a little out of my price range but I absolutely love it.

Oh wow, I need this necklace.

I could look at Lindsey's photography all day.

These Harry Potter colour analyses are awesome.

Other awesome links:
<3 Ever wondered what you could do during the Game of Thrones intro? Here are some ideas for you.
<3 A pig playing with Jack Russell puppies? Amazing!
<3 A grandpa has wanted an English bulldog for years and he finally gets one. The look of love between the two of them will make you cry so many tears!
<3 Click "listen" and feel ALL OF THE NOSTALGIA.
<3 The best easter egg hunts are doggy easter egg hunts!
<3 This Game of Thrones birthday card is probably the best card ever.
<3 Why not pour some crystal meth into your bath? No? How about some cool fake Breaking Bad style blue meth?

Awesome people in the blog world:
<3 I loved Danielle's post about her favourite Disney characters! I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on and do this myself! 
<3 Alice visited Castell Coch  recently and it looks beautiful!
<3 How amazing is this lobster skirt that Tilly made?
<3 If you read one new blog post this week make sure it's Claire's post on suffering with depression. Inspirational people fight so many battles without us realising and Claire is amazing.
<3 Have you ever needed help with the housework? Follow Sophie's tips!
<3 Amy has started her own 100 Happy Days project. Check it out!
<3 Jenny put together a My Life In Books tag and it's awesome. I might have to have a little go at this one soon.
<3 Have you ever wanted to make a teddy bear necklace? Well you're in luck because Becky shows you how!


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Tuesday, April 22

100 Happy Days :: Days 87 - 94.

I've seen so many people starting their own 100 Happy Days projects recently and it's so awesome to see! Yay for being happy! Yay for lots of happy projects. If you're doing your own project and I don't follow you on Instagram yet then leave your Instagram name and I'll take a look!

Liam and Rex being cute. // Rex looks like Brock when he sleeps.
Reading my book in bed while Liam watches Pokémon. // Representing my Hogwart's house.
350 Bloglovin' followers! // Happy sibling day!
My favourite flowers on our walks with Rex. // Beating Liam at a One Tree Hill quiz.

How is your 100 happy days project going? If you're not taking part then you totally should!
Days 1-6, 7-14, 15-22, 23-30, 31-38, 39-46, 47-54, 55-62, 63-70, 71-78 and 79-86 of my happy project. 
You can follow my happy days project by following me on Instagram : @Leonuhh.

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Sunday, April 20

Sucky Sunday!

Aloha friends! How has your weekend been? I spent the day with my bestest chum yesterday and it was just splendid, but more on this in a later post. We're just winding down after a busy day, watching Modern Family and eating chocolate and I thought it was the perfect time to do a little ol' blogging. So here are some things that have sucked this week! 

Accidentally deleting blog posts. I deleted my last Sucky Sunday post by accident. I'm not sure how, I was supposed to delete another draft and accidently deleted that post instead. It's a shame because I think we can all agree that it was absolutely hilarious. 

Steel panther - Glory Hole. Steel Panther bother me a lot. They have always bothered me. Their lyrics are always gross and their whole ethos is just hideous. Just look at the lyrics to their newest song. Stop trying to be... whatever it is you've spent years trying to be. Just stop. It's disgusting. 

Taxi drivers. I absolutely hate taxi drivers. You might think I'm generalising here but every single taxi driver in Plymouth is a knobhead. I'm sure that once they step out of the taxi they are a genuinely nice person but the minute they step back into the taxi, they become and absolute knob. They are the worst drivers. Why are the allowed to disregard all rules of the road because they're driving a taxi? "I'm a taxi driver! Can I stop to collect a passenger right before a roundabout and hold up the rest of the traffic? Of course I can!" 
"Hey! I'm a taxi driver! Do I need to stick to lanes? Hell no! I can cut you up and choose whichever lane I want!" 
Game of Thrones paraphrasing here but, lots of people are taxi drivers... 

Autocorrect. All I have to say on this matter is this; ill is a word. Well is also a word. You know what else is a word, autocorrect? Hell. THEY DON'T ALL NEED APOSTROPHES, THEY ARE ALREADY A WORD. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CHANGE IT WHEN IT'S ALREADY A WORD?!

What's been driving you crazy this week?

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"Sucky Sunday" is a bi-weekly series where I moan about the things that I dislike, sometimes things that drive me nuts. Things written in these posts are often meant in jest. I don't want anyone getting all up in my grill because they think i'm seriously hating on someone, it's all a bunch of jokes, I swear! 

Thursday, April 17

Thankful Thursday.

I took a little impromptu break from blogging this weekend. Mostly because I worked the whole weekend and didn't find time to write any posts or schedule any for the following days. It was nice though! I spent the last two days with my boo, Becky and you can read all about the fun we had over on Becky's blog! Here are some things I am thankful for this week: 

Breaks from blogging. Don't worry, I won't be going anywhere. It was just nice to sit back and relax!

Fun with Becky. We had so much fun! Domino's pizza, YouTube videos, piercings, Nando's and Hoes (Plymouth hoe that is!) was the perfect way to spend our 24 hours together. 

Sunny Plymouth. Plymouth is a much prettier place when it's sunny and I'm thankful that it was a beautiful 24 hours of sun here in Plymouth for Becky's visit.

Quick piercers. I was a little nervous about getting my lip pierced on Wednesday and I was worried about how long the pain would go on for during the piercing. Thankfully Nadine, the piercer was super quick and it was all over in no more than 30 seconds!

What are you thankful for this week?
As always, I am thankful to Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful! :)

Don't forget to visit Sharkbait's blog to see what she's thankful for this week!