Monday, September 1

This Week I've...

...stuffed my face. We visited Route 38 this week to celebrate something exciting  and you'd better believe that we ate all of the food! Liam had a massive double burger, I had BBQ chicken and we had a side of chicken wings too. It was so delicious! I love Route 38 so much! If you're wondering why we were celebrating, it's because...

...PASSED MY SCIENCE GCSE RETAKE!! Huzzah! I now have a C in Science GCSE which means I can move on to the next steps of becoming a primary school teacher. It's going to be a long old road but I can't wait!

 ...smelled some beautiful scents.  I ordered some more scents from Etsy and I'm going to be popping a little review up on the blog soon because they lady who makes them was just so lovely and I'm so impressed with the first one I've tried! Wax tarts are the best!

...celebrated a wedding. It was someone's wedding this weekend. You might have heard of her, Becky Bedbug? Well her and her beloved got married in America and so this weekend I headed up to Winchester to celebrate! It was a bloody awesome day and I'll put together a post about my day for you! Don't you think her phone looks much better with confetti stars all over it? I do too! It's a shame I didn't have any superglue.

...played with this cutie. I visited Sadie and M this week and we played with some balls in her paddling pool. The weather was a bit nippy so rather than fill the pool up with water, we decided to put all of the funky balls in and she was having a right old giggle to herself. She's really chatting away to herself now, goodness knows what she's saying but she obviously makes sense in her own head. It's cute, whatever it is!

What have you been up to this week?
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Sunday, August 31

Sucky Sunday!

SEO/design emails. You know what's a great way to start an email? By insulting someone's blog. "Hey, we're a design company who would really love to work with your blog. Here are some things we would suggest you do to make it better." Oh cool, thanks for that list of things that you don't like about my blog. I don't care if you think you can "improve my blog" and "get me more readers". I'm actually very happy with my little blog and my lovely readers. So thank you knobheads, but no. 

People who walk diagonally up stairsIf you're walking up/down one side of the steps then you stay on that side. Don't start moving across to the other side. Don't you know how steps work?? 

Viners and adverts"I've downloaded this cool app, it's amazing and I love it!" Yeah of course it is. It's not like you've been paid to promote this advert or anything. Just tell us you've been paid to post this advert and maybe I'll believe that you like it.

Not being at Reading festival. It was still a bit of a touchy subject last weekend so I couldn't talk about it. Liam and I were supposed to go to Reading festival but in the end we couldn't and we were so utterly gutted. I don't even think Liam can talk about not being there. Missing two Jimmy Eat World sets and Paramore headlining is a bit heartbreaking. 

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Thursday, August 28

Happy Things Thursday!

I was enjoying a nap today, not even a little cat nap. A full blown two hour nap and then I wake up, open my eyes and Rex is sat like this staring back at me with his "yeah, and what?" eyes. Anyway, here are some things that have been making me happy this week!

Cashew nuts. I can eat a whole packet, easily, and I'm not even sorry! 
The excitement of Becky's wedding. You may or may not be aware that Becky's wedding is this Saturday and I am so excited for it! I get to see my babes Becky and Marie and now Chelsea and Dylan are joining me too and it's going be so much fun!
Stammer school. Has anyone been watching this TV show? It's amazing! I can't ever imagine how difficult it would be to struggle with my speech as much as these people do and it's incredible to see their journeys. Can we talk about how amazing it was watching Musharaf making his speech? I was sending him mental high fives!
Pretty smelling wax tarts. I will never tire of beautiful smells in pretty oil burners. I ordered a load from Etsy yesterday, I'm so excited!
Everyone's well wishes on Thursday and Friday. It really meant so much to hear everyone keeping their fingers crossed for me! I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!
Wearing pyjamas to friend's house. When you're so comfortable at their house that you're perfectly fine with visiting in your pyjamas. It's a bloody good feeling, comfy too!  

What's been making you happy this week?

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Wednesday, August 27

Wedesday Loves #74!

This necklace is so cute! It would be even cuter with your pet's initial engraved, am I right?

Lucky Puppy is a doggy daycare. You could also call it THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH.

This is my absolute dream bedroom. It's so peaceful and perfect.

Yep. I'm crying with laughter.

This also got me going. I'm still laughing at it.

I am in love with this headband! The colours are beautiful.

Kitty and lizard. Best friends.

I love this wall decal!

 Chrys Watches GOT is my  new favourite thing.

Other awesome links:
<3 Look at this beautiful glowing heart pendant. You charge it with UV light and it looks amazing.
<3 11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You. Number 2 is a bit of a pain for us bloggers, right?
<3 Holy sh*t. There is an app which works like Tinder but helps you find dogs looking for a new home. How amazing?
<3 I need this strawberry t-shirt in my life.
<3 These Rocketdog boots are so beautiful!
<3 Benedict Cumberbatch one the ALS bucket challenge videos.
<3 You may or may not be aware of the time that Westboro Baptist Church a bunch of assholes did a parody of  Panic! At The Disco's I Write Sins... classic? Well a 16 year old gay teen did her own parody back at them and it's brilliant.

Awesome people in blog lang:
<3 Jessica shared her thoughts on Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Any Jodi Picoult fan is a friend of mine! 
<3 LOOK AT THIS CAKE THAT AMY MADE. Look at it, it's a thing of dreams!
<3 Becca's getting a new car. How exciting!!
<3 Chelsea reminded me that I need to get back on my A-Z of... posts. I'm also on the letter J too, what a coincidence!
<3 Claire has written a post on a lesson in loving yourself. You should read it not only because it's brilliant but because she also looks incredibly cute in the photo.
<3 Danni went to see A Day To Remeber and Architects with the rest of our friends yesterday and I am awfully jealous that I didn't go!
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