Treat That Special Someone with Debenhams Flowers*

When you want to tell someone just how wonderful they are, and how much you really appreciate them, I think flowers are a great way to go. They make people smile and there are so many variations of bouquets out there that you can choose one that really represents that special someone. Even if you have a fussy mum who doesn't actually like picked flowers, potted plants are still a beautiful gift. Especially lavender. Lavender just looks so pretty. Anyway, I'm going off track here.

My sister, Sadie is someone I could give a bunch of flowers to every single week that I see her. She is a truly special person and an all-around wonderful human. Nothing is ever too much for her. She will put on her Wonder Woman cape (not literally. It's actually more likely to be a Snow White cape more than Wonder Woman.) and immediately help you out with any situation you have managed to get yourself into.

Sadie always sees the best in people, is always there for advice and will back you 100% on pretty much everything. Don't start thinking that she won't call you out if you're being an idiot though. She will definitely do that. She'll just have your best interests at heart.

Over the years we've built a strong friendship, she is definitely someone I would call a best friend and I wanted to remind her of how much she means to me.

Sadie is a fussy so and so, she has some unusual tastes (another reason why we love her.) and she absolutely hates the colour pink. I knew the search for the perfect bouquet would be a hard one. After looking back and forth through Debenhams Autumn range* I had found the one - Autumn Sun. It was the perfect mix of bright colours, different shapes and had two of her favourite flowers in... and there was no sign of pink anywhere.

We've always had a brilliant relationship and I thank my lucky starts every day that I have her in my life. Because I don't feel like I say it enough, and I don't think you hear it enough from anyone else, Sadie, thank you for being such an awesome sister/friend

And thank you for bringing the most amazing daughter into this world, she's the greatest niece anyone has ever had (actual fact) and you are doing a fantastic job of helping to make her a wonderful little lady.

If you have someone wonderful in your life who you think deserves a little treat, why don't you treat them to a beautiful bouquet of flowers? I promise you it will put a huge smile of their face and it will really mean a lot to them. If you're a little lazy (we all are, let's face it) then you can pick the perfect bunch and have it delivered to their door with Debenhams' Flower DeliveryYou can also treat them to something pretty with 25% off! Just use code "DFBLOG25". Excluding the small Flowers By Post range. So you really don't have much of an excuse now!

Are you a flower person? What's your favourite? 

♥ L e o n a 

*This post was written in collaboration with Debenhams FlowersAll words are my own.

Recently Watched

It's been quiet over here for a little while now and I'd like to tell you it's because I'm achieving loads of wonderful things. When in reality Liam and I have just been watching a lot of Netflix. Netflix is a wonderful thing but it's also a naughty little sod. I start so many evenings with the idea of writing wonderful blog posts or catching up with people on Twitter and instead we get sucked into a Netflix marathon. We've all been there. Probably multiple times a week too. I'm finally on my laptop again and I thought I'd put all of the Netflix hours I've racked up to good use. Here is a little list of some of my favourite things we've watched recently! 

T H I R D  R O C K  F R O M  T H E  S U N

I know I'm about a thousand years late with this one! I never watched it when it was on originally. I never even watched it when it was replayed repeatedly either. It wasn't that I avoided it, I just missed it completely. I was searching for something to watch one evening while Liam was at band practice and noticed that this had been added to Netflix. I thought "ah, why not!" and thus began my love for Third Rock From The Sun. 

Have you seen it? I love it! It's funny, quirky, random and really quite unique! I can't decide who my favourite character is but I think it's a toss up between Sally and Mrs Dubcek. Sally is a badass and Mrs Dubcek is a sassy little madam. My least favourite is Tommy, but that's because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a little bit creepy in it. Soz Joseph. I've powered through four seasons so far, I have two more to go and I'll admit that I'm going to be a little sad when I finally finish it. 

P I R A T E S  O F  T H E  C A R I B B E A N

Would you believe me if I told you we'd never watched the Pirates of the Caribbean films? Well it's true. Up until a few weeks ago we hadn't. I'm not sure why, it really does seem like a series we would have watched. Well we finally got around to watching three of them and they were awesome. In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I didn't realise they were each around 2 and a half hours long! Action packed from start to finish, just what you want .


Guys. You need to see Maleficent. It is so great! If I'm honest, I'd been putting it off. I'm not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie, something about her puts me off her films. I shouldn't have prejudged though because she was awesome in it. So awesome in fact that I forgot it was her! I had no idea what I was expecting before I sat down to watch it but I loved every minute of it. It's got the dark, mystical side of something you'd expect from a Tim Burton film with the magic of Disney rolled into one. It has a fantastic twist and you start to understand how misunderstood Maleficent is.

P E A K Y  B L I  N D E R S

Liam started watching Boardwalk Empire about a month ago and quite frankly, I think it's bloody boring. How it's managed 5 seasons I will never know because I just don't think it's very good at all. It didn't live up to the expectations that people had set for me. It wasn't the gritty, not-too-dramatised gangster drama I was hoping it would be. Imagine how happy I was when the first episode of Peaky Blinders turned out to be just that. It's not too over dramatic. Sure, the accents are a bit dodgy (we couldn't tell if they were brummy or scouse for the first 20 minutes!) but I imagine they'll get better the further we get into it.

Have you seen any of these? Probably... Who hasn't seen the Pirates of the Caribbeans films for crying out loud! Apparently just me and  Liam. 

Let me know what you thought of them all! 

♥ L e o n a 

Lush Plymouth Event

S U M M E R  I S  H E R E

The wonderful LUSHies from LUSH Plymouth invited myself and a bunch of other (quite frankly, bloomin' lovely) bloggers to the launch of their new summer products. It was a really fun event and I'm here to tell you all about what we got up to!

No one was brave enough to have a foot massage so Eleesha very willingly volunteered! She soaked her feet into the warm water, Ben scrubbed her tootsies with Pumice Power foot soap, made her feet feel super soft with Go Faster Feet foot lotion and then finished it all off with Twinkle Toes foot powder.

Now it was time to see some bath bombs! First up was the Intergalactic! What a beauty this one was. The smell was wonderful, it contains peppermint which was really quite invigorating on the senses. I instantly fell in love with the shades of blue in it. Tori stepped in quickly to show us the real magic - the glitter! It looked so pretty! The dark blue of the water compliments the glitter so perfectly, it really did look magical. What makes this bomb even greater is that it's filled with POPPING CANDY. It was such a relaxing sound. 

My absolute favourite was The Experimenter. Just look at those amazing colours. These photos realy do not do it justice, it looks so beautiful! Its scent is just lovely, a delicious mix of vanilla and tonka, it's relaxing and refreshing all at once. 

Shula was next up to volunteer for a hand massage. Ben pampered her hands with the Salted Coconut hand scrub, followed by Love and Light hand cream. I actually asked Shula if I could feel her hand after the pampering and it felt so smooth! I was very impressed!

We made our way back to the bath bombs and this time Yoga Bomb took the spotlight. Eleesha told us to bear with this one. Apparently it's a bit of a slow starter. After about 20 seconds Ben stepped in, pulled out the gun show and cracked this bad boy open. Out of the bomb poured these pops of colour and a bunch "oohs" and "aahs" from us all. The scent from Yoga Bomb was by far my favourite. It hit me from the first few seconds and it was so relaxing and uplifting. It's a mix of woody and floral tones and I could smell it all day.

I love the idea of Life's A Beach body scrub. I've been really into exfoliators recently, they make your skin feel so wonderful and you'd better believe I'm going to snatch this baby up when I next visit. You just take a handful of the stuff into the shower with you, lather it up and rub it on your skin until it's beautifully smooth. 

This is probably the most conflicting body scrub I have ever seen. Rub Rub Rub smells great, - it's full of jasmine and orange flower - feels wonderful on your skin but it's just way too pretty to use!! I treated myself to this and the only way that I could logically see myself using it was by buying the ugliest piece. Which was actually really hard. They're all so pretty!

Disney fans! Look! It's a bath bomb Inspired by Elsa, Anna and Olaf. What could it be called? Why, Frozen of course! You could enjoy a lovely long bath while singing Let It Go at the top of your lungs. We all know that bathrooms create great acoustics for vocals! Not for you? OK, maybe you could just enjoy the grapefruit, and rose oil tingling your senses instead?

Look, a wild Tori appears!
The products that I was really excited to hear about were the new hair products. I'd seen tweets and Instagram posts about them and I was eagerly awaiting the demonstrations for them during the event. Ben showed us one of their new hot oil treatments. There are three of them, Damage, Tangled and Kinky. You pop the stick into a mug, add hot water to it slowly and after around 15 minutes you have yourself a thick, luscious hair mask. I came away with Tangled and I honestly cannot wait to try that bad boy out.

I just want to send a massive thank you to the lovely ladies and gents at LUSH Plymouth for inviting me along! It was a bloomin' wonderful event. I had so much fun and I came away with some wonderful treats that I can't wait to try! 

Have you seen any of LUSH's new range of products? Which one is your favourite?

Snippets of Life

C E D A R  F A L L S  H E A L T H  F A R M

Apparently my bestest bud is a big old fan on hen dos. She had not one, not two, not three but four hen dos. Yes that's right my friends, four hen dos. I'm here to tell you all about the fun we had on the fourth one. She kept trying to make out that this little trip away wasn't a final hen do before the big day. Let's call a spade a spade here and just accept that, yes, dear Becca, it was a final hen do, and what a hen do it was.

I'd thought that a little spa trip away before the wedding would probably be a great idea so I had a search online and found a really good deal for Cedar Falls. After letting Becca know about my great idea we decided whether we really could fit this trip in with just a week to go before the wedding. It didn't take much deliberating before we just said yes. We took a leaf out of Zoella's book *roll of the eyes*, apparenty. 

Once we arrived, we knew that we'd made a bloody great choice. The gardens were gorgeous, the views were breathtaking and the health farm itself was beautiful. Once we'd checked in and were shown around, it didnt't take us very long to throw our stuff into our room and head down for our afternoon of relaxation.

We started off the relaxation with a delicious hot chocolate. We then felt a little bit crazy and decided to treat ourselves to a glass of wine. It was a bloody lovely rosé! After sipping on our yummy rosé, reading our magazines and chatting the hour away, we thought a nice dip in the pool would be a grand idea... Who knew we'd end up stuck in a water fitness class?! It was only a 30 minute class and we did actually have fun. It just wasn't quite the relaxation class we had in mind.

What was really bloody lovely and refreshing was our walk around the grounds. Just take a look at these views! You'd feel pretty awesome after a little stroll around those wouldn't you?

We hadn't booked any treatments in for our stay because we were just happy enjoying what Cedar Falls already had to offer. Next time we go (and we definitely will!) I might have to book myself in for a little something because their treatment rooms looked so calming and peaceful.

After a few hours spent in the pool and the hot tub, and our walk around the grounds, we got ourselves another glass of wine and made our way down to the relaxation room. This room was immense. The walls were painted a deep red, there were lamps that looked like giant hot rocks, there was really nice relaxation music in the background and there were bean bags all over the floor. It was bliss. We could happily have spent the rest of our time in there. Sadly though, it would soon be time for us to eat so he forced ourselves back to our room and changed into something a little more appropriate for an evening meal.

I was a little worried about the evening meal to be honest. A three course meal was included in the offer and I'm such a fussy eater that I was sure I wouldn't find anything to eat. Fret not friends, I certainly found some things I could eat and MY GOD were they delicious. Squatternut bosh (it just sounds much funnier like that, no?) soup for starter, marinated chicken with a red wine jus for main and raspberry frozen yoghurt for desert. I honestly cannot even begin to explain how delicious it all was. My favourite was definitely the squatternut bosh soup. I could have eaten a whole troth of that. The only negative thing about the meal was that the portion sizes were too small. It is a health farm after all so I guess we should have expected it.

After stuffing our faces we made sure we took full advantage of the facilities again and spent another couple of hours playing in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub until 10PM when it was time for it to close. We were well and truly relaxed after that.

It was really the perfect thing for us to do before the wedding. It took Becca's mind off of the worries and stresses of the week to come, and it was just bloody lovely to spend some time with my besty before her husband stole her away from me forever (yeah right!).

Have you ever been to Cedar Falls?