Thursday, April 17

Thankful Thursday.

I took a little impromptu break from blogging this weekend. Mostly because I worked the whole weekend and didn't find time to write any posts or schedule any for the following days. It was nice though! I spent the last two days with my boo, Becky and you can read all about the fun we had over on Becky's blog! Here are some things I am thankful for this week: 

Breaks from blogging. Don't worry, I won't be going anywhere. It was just nice to sit back and relax!

Fun with Becky. We had so much fun! Domino's pizza, YouTube videos, piercings, Nando's and Hoes (Plymouth hoe that is!) was the perfect way to spend our 24 hours together. 

Sunny Plymouth. Plymouth is a much prettier place when it's sunny and I'm thankful that it was a beautiful 24 hours of sun here in Plymouth for Becky's visit.

Quick piercers. I was a little nervous about getting my lip pierced on Wednesday and I was worried about how long the pain would go on for during the piercing. Thankfully Nadine, the piercer was super quick and it was all over in no more than 30 seconds!

What are you thankful for this week?
As always, I am thankful to Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful! :)

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Wednesday, April 16

Wednesday Loves #59!

How amazing is it that Jojo is selling these t-shirts??

Meerkats make the best photographers!

How cute is this guy? I love needle felting!

The wink on this guy! He's so handsome!

How pretty are these bowls?

These sloths are definitely the cutest sloths in the world.

These stunning illustrations of Game of Thrones deaths are awesome.

This is the sassiest dog I have ever seen. Here are 17 things it could be thinking.

Ella looks so darn cute in this post.

How unbelievably cute is this fella?

Other awesome links:
<3 Thanks for this awesome way of flipping the bird, Kristen Bell.
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<3 I have been drying to buy a new bed recently and this one is perfect.
<3 These Harry Potter Movie summaries are perfect. Why? Because they were created with MS paint.
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<3 I am lusting over this pinafore dress.
<3 I need this New Found Glory hoody in my life.
<3 I must have this dragon egg cookie jar!

Awesome people in the blog world:
<3 I wish I could spend the evening with Rosie watching Game Of Thrones and eating lots of food.
<3 Devon is awesome. Michelle sums it up pretty well.
<3 Ally has a snoopy dress and it looks awesome!
<3 Donna is rocking this beautiful pinafore dress!
<3 Head on over to Fellowship of the Bloggers and learn how to build your own flower crown.
<3 Rabbit hurdles? Sophie finds the best things!

Friday, April 11

Get To Know Me A Little :: A-Z Of Me :: I

Yeah alright, this might be a little bit of a cop out because I couldn't think of anything interesting that starts with the letter I, but still, you get to know me so everyone's happy! 

I is for "I'm the kind of girl who..."
... is affected by TV shows too much. I've lost count of the times I've stopped watching TV shows because I can't handle what's happening to the characters. Sometimes I man up and can sit through certain story lines but you'd better believe that I'm thinking about them for days afterwards. I stopped watching Sons Of Anarchy for a whole season because I was just too into the characters and couldn't handle the mean things that were happening to them. We've just finished watching American Horror Story and I still can't stop thinking about whether Violet eventually forgave Tate.

... eats soggy cereal. I can't eat cereal unless it's so soggy that it's just one big lump of soggy yummyness. A lot of people are bothered by this.

... listens to songs over and over. If I like a song I can listen to it forever. This drives Liam crazy because it usually ends up in him absolutely hating the song. It's ok, I tend to drive to my sister's house a lot on my own so I get my fix of awesome songs that way. 

... uses makeup until the very end. When I say the very end, I mean the very end. I usually have to shake my eyeliner for 30 seconds before using it because there is so little left. Hey, I want to get my money's worth!

... breaks glasses. A lot of them, apparently. In the last 6 months I think my hand-eye coordination has disappeared completely because I've broken 6 glasses. It's usually because I turn to grab something off of the kitchen side and end up knocking one off of the drying board. I think it's safe to say that Liam is bored of it now.

... still can't quite talk about Sirius' death without wanting to cry. It just hurts too much.


Thursday, April 10

Thankful Thursday!

Good evening dears. How are we all? I am filled with excitement right now because my boo Becky is coming to visit me next week! I know, you're as excited as I am! We have some awesome plans including vlogs, hoes (Plymouth, not pimp style.) and piercings. Just you wait and see! I'm sure we'll find the time to take pictures and blog about it... Here's what I'm thankful for this week:

Fun plans with my girl. I AM SO EXCITED. 

Cuddles with Rex. He's snuggled into my lap under the blanket right now and it's just so precious. 

Liz Earle skin care. I have been using Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser for a few weeks now and after winning toner and moisturiser as well as more cleanser last week I have fallen in love with their products even more. My skin is so clean and so smooth! Thank you Liz Earle :) I am also very thankful that their products are cruelty free! 

Season 4 of Game Of Thrones. I missed that show! 

350 followers!! I know I say this every time but seriously, thank you <3 

Sharkbait's Thankful Thursday post. It's a post that is truly thankful for wonderful, wonderful things. It will make you a little teary eyed but it's a place that you should definitely read about. 

What are you thankful for this week?
As always, I am thankful to Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful! :)