Wednesday, October 29

Wednesday Loves #83!

This Game of Thrones heart tree necklace is beautiful!

Saltram is a beautiful place near me and Danni's post about it being a little getaway for her made me really miss it.

Becky shared pictures from her days in Plymouth, with a special guest appearance from my main man Rex!

This is a pretty beautiful image right? It's even more impressive when you find out it was made using candle soot!

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would really love this Harry Potter spells skirt because it's amazing.

Oh God this is so sweet!


Other awesome links:
<3 I am the worst at replying to text messages. I need to save this picture on my phone for those times I forget to reply. Which is every time.
<3 Oh god, I laughed so hard at this. Sometimes you just can't see what's actually in the image!
<3 Slow motion dogs are the greatest slow motion things.
<3 The greatest way for a friend to reply to their friend coming out.
<3 26 faces every single retail worker will immediately recognise. Yep, I recognise every one of these.
<3 We've all been there. You wake up and your charger's fallen out throughout the night. 
<3 This is the happiest t-shirt in the entire world. 
<3 How well do you know Love Actually? I got them all right, obviously ;)

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Amy has a great giveaway going on right now. You can win yourself a beautiful iPhone case!
<3 Ella has created her first piece of clothing and it's really cute!
<3 Kate has some pretty interesting points about the relationship between blogging and mental health.
<3 Amy has had her hair done and it looks bloody beautiful!
<3 If you haven't had enough of mine and Becky's time together then you can watch the video we filmed of us facing our fears. Becky's reactions are so hilarious.
<3 Amy (seriously. Three different Amys this week!) who I consider to be the queen of Disney has put together a pretty great Disney wishlist. I must have that Alice in Wonderland tote!

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Sunday, October 26

Sucky Sunday :: Hitting That Wall.

I'm sorry for the lack of sarcasm in this Sucky Sunday post. This is a bit of a 'write how I'm feeling when I'm feeling it' post so just bear with me. Normal sarcastic reading will resume soon. Probably tomorrow. Probably as soon as this is posted. 

I've done it. I've hit that point in my life where I'm bored with my 9-5 (I wish it was as routine as that!) retail job, I'm seeking something more exciting but I'm so anxious about getting it. 

Don't get me wrong, I've known for years that I was going to start the journey to primary teaching at some point but I've had to spend the last 2 years getting my GCSEs up to my needed grades so I've always had a distraction. Now that I actually have those grades and the time for me to put things into place and apply to uni has arrived, I'm just freaking myself out. I get anxious at the idea of starting a personal statement. Even the thought of filling out the application is daunting and I keep putting it off. I need at least 10 days of work experience in a school and I can't even bring myself to write to a school for fear of rejection. 

I've always had a fear of people reading what I write. In my school years I would only ever let my teacher read my work. Not my friends or my family and I would worry so much about having to read anything out in class for fear of my work being awful. For some reason blogging is different,  I enjoy writing posts and I enjoy knowing that people are reading it but when I think about someone on the other end of the application reading my personal statement it makes me want to curl up into a ball and hide away from the world.

I thought once I'd reach the fun stage of being an adult I'd be more confident in myself and I'd be happy going for things like this. I'd go head-first into things and be excited about them but I just can't get past that anxiety.  Maybe it's the "bigging myself up" thing that I can't get on board with. Maybe I just can't so the whole "selling myself" part of it. It's hard! How do you make yourself sound better than someone else? "Hey! Pick me! I'm so much better than that other application because..." Who's to say I am?

I just need to find a way of getting myself out of this rut. Kick my butt into gear. Man up. Do you have any tips? Has anyone else felt as awful about someone reading a personal statement as I do? Do you want to write my personal statement for me? That would be fandabbydosie. Thank you kindly. 


Friday, October 24

Recently I've...

So I've been a little slack these last two weeks. I've been rubbish at organising my time and I completely forgot to share with you all what I've been up to. I do apologise, I know you simply *insert big old dose of sarcasm* cannot wait to hear about the exciting things I've been up to so here they are! A few weeks late but still.
...eaten the greatest Sunday tea. A is just incredible at cooking a roast. She seems to get the timings right so everything is cooked perfectly and it's all delicious. I do cook a mean potato myself but everything else just goes crazy. I cannot for the life of me get everything timed perfectly. Something always ends up taking longer and so everything else ends up cold. I don't know how A does it but she cooks up a bloody good roast.

...bought myself some new work shoes. I know, they're probably not what most people would call work shoes but I'm lucky! I work in retail and the store I work in let's you wear whatever coloured shoes you want! Clearly I take that as far as I can and I just chuck in basically any colour I can find! I have always loved Rocketdogs and these badboys were a bargain at £20!

...finally started A Feast For Crows. I was so excited to finally finish A Storm of Swords pt II and then a few people mentioned that A Feast For Crows was a little slow and they didn't enjoy it. This made me think "great... I wanted it to be awesome!". Well so far actually, it's been immense. I'm so happy that I'm reading new stories, ones that haven't yet been on the show! It's so hard reading exciting things and not being able to tell anyone though.

...stuffed my face. Liam had a pretty bad hangover last Saturday so he wanted to go somewhere and stuff his face. We checked out a local bar called The Roundabout which has recently had a refurb and it was great! The food was yummy and the prices were so good. I always like places that serve chips in funky things.

...have seen way too much of M. That's a lie, too much of M is not a thing. I could never see too much of her gorgeous little face! I saw Sadie and M on Monday for her birthday (did I mention it was her birthday? Haha!) Tuesday for a photo shoot, which was GREAT fun. We made so much noise trying to get her to smile and then on Wednesday we worked out at Gym Bubbas and then had some lunch at The Harvester. Phew!

...treated myself. I needed a new hair mask and where oh where does the greatest hair marks? Why, Lush of course! I also picked up some Snow Fairy because if you're in Lush you're not going to not pick up Snow Fairy, am I right? I was also given two testers of Big and Happy Happy Joy Joy. Thanks Lush!

...took a trip to Penzance. Danielle, A and I headed down to Penzance to watch Last One Out play a gig. We had a fun journey down, I'd put together a playlist full of some great classics - Whitney Houston, BeyoncĂ©, Michael Jackson, N*Sync, New Found Glory, Architects... A bit of a mixed bag but all absolute tunes! We aounded so beautiful singing along. As I mentioned yesterday, Liam had some technical issues but they eventually got to play and we had a great night!

What have you been up to recently?


Thursday, October 23

Happy Things Thursday!

Can you Adam and Eve it? I have a coke bottle with my name on it! I honestly cannot tell you how excited this makes me. Where did this badboy come from? Well Becky arrived at my flat yesterday an after about half an hour she told me she had a present for me. She opened up her bag, pulled out the bottle and turned it around to show my name. I think my initial reply was "Oh my God are you serious!?". I've never owned anything with my name on! Not a teddy bear, a fridge magnet, a glitter hair-band, nothing! Yesterday was a great day guys, a great day indeed. On that happy note, here are some other things that have made me happy this week:

Celebrating M's birthday! I still can't believe that M is 1! We had a jolly old time watching her open presents on Monday evening. Her reaction to her Henry Hugglemonster teddy was the sweetest!

Becky coming to visit! As you know, Becky arrived yesterday afternoon! We took Rex for walks, ate Dominos pizza, watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers' stone and filmed some Youtube videos! It was a splendid 24 hours. Watching Becky's reaction to Edward Scissorhands should also be included in this because it's honestly one of the funniest things I've seen.

Dogs and their owners having fun. On my way home from the train station today I was watching the driver behind me on each traffic light. His dog was sat in the passenger seat and every time they came to a traffic light the dog would jump onto his owner's lap, give him lots of love and kisses and then jump back on to the passenger seat when the lights changed. The owner was so happy every time the dog jumped up over and it was so bloody sweet to watch!

Plans with my besty! I am spending tomorrow evening at Becca's pad, we'll be stuffing our faces with Chinese takeaway and watching whatever crap is on the tell box. And then we're off to the dress shop on Saturday to have another look at Becca's wedding dress! I can't wait to see her, I haven't seen her in over a month now and that is just far too long!

Thinking Last One Out weren't going to be able to play a show... and then they did! On Saturday evening, Danielle, A and I headed down to Penzance to watch Last One Out. Just before they were about to start their set Liam realises something is wrong with his gear. He had no idea what was wrong but it took about 15 minutes for it to get sorted. I was so worried that the problem wasn't going to be fixed and it would turn out that they'd driven all that way and set up all of their gear for nothing. Luckily, as I said, the problem was rectified and they managed to play a 15 minute set. Which was much better than nothing!

Lush's Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner. Holy wow, my hair smells divine. I could eat it, it smells that delicious.

What's been making you happy this week?