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B E A U T I F U L  F L O W E R S
A couple of days after Liam came home from working away, he went out to pick up our tea and came home with some pretty flowers for me. What a little sweetheart.

Y U M M Y  F O O D
Super exciting times here in Plymouth, guys. An awesome new burger bar & grill has opened up just over the road from us. WYB (What's Your Beef) Burgers opened a couple of months ago and Liam and I decided to give it a go. It was delicious. I had the chicken burger which was amazing. The coating on the chicken was unbelievable. It was the perfect mix of a southern-friend crisp and mouth-watering flavour. Yummy! I can't wait to go back!

B A T H  T I M E
This is a big deal for me. I don't usually have baths, showers are my thang. Over the years I've been allergic to so many bath products that I just gave up trying and accepted my fate of a shower-filled live. Well a few weeks ago I was invited to another Lush event (more on that later!) and I came away with a Bar Humbug bath melt. I chose it because it smelt awesome and it looks so pretty and one night I thought "chuff it, let's go for it." and I didn't react to it. I got to enjoy a wonderful smelling, beautifully coloured bath. Instead of the plain water ones I was used to (seriously boring, don't even bother.) I didn't react! I can't tell you how happy I am. Hooray for baths!

G R E A T  F I L M S
Recently it has come to my attention that I might be the only person who thinks Space Jam is a ruddy great film. It was only when I showed my excitement for buying and then watching it that people looked at me a little funny. Have I been living in a shell? Was Space Jam not loved by all? I watched it again and I still loved it so screw you all. Unless you're a fellow fan, then no screwing for you.

Sometime last year Liam treated me to this amazing T-Shirt. For you non-emo kids out there it's a mix up of My Chemical Romance's (calm down Becky) album cover for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. If neither of those things mean anything to you, just know that they're pretty important in emo kids' lives. I discovered it while rummaging through my drawers, decided that it was fate that helped me find the t-shirt and that meant it should be an emo day.

L O O K I N G  S E X Y 
One of my new favourite Lush products is Love Lettuce. It's amazing. It makes my skin feel wonderfully clean and fresh. I can't get enough of it. It lasts forever too. I picked it up in September, have used it once a week since then and I still have loads left! I love it!

D A P P E R  L I T T L E  L A D 
He's a little babe. That's all that needs to be said really.

L I T T L E  T R E A T S
The only reason I could justify treating myself to these gorgeous boots is that I had a £20 Love to Shop voucher to spend. They were £29.99 from New Look so I only had to pay £9.99 for them, and that's a bargain if you ask me. I fell in love with them straight away and with the encouragement of my besty, I bought them. I'm already thinking of adding the other available colours to my Christmas list, they're that beautiful.

Sadie and I took Miley to Trago Mills a few weeks ago. If you're from the South West you'll know how amazing Trago Mills is (When I say amazing, I mean like so unbelievably sh*t that it's amazing. Maybe it's a Cornish thing... just go there one day, you'll know what I mean.), if you're not from the South West then I'd tell you you weren't missing out on anything... but I'd be lying. Anyway, after we walked around the store and bought what we needed, we headed over for a walk around the parks and feed the ducks. It was a lovely little trip. Miley is so adventurous, she didn't bat an eyelid at feeding a cockerel from her own hand - brave lady!

What have you been up to recently?

♥ L e o n a 

Happy 2nd Birthday Miley-Moo!

How is my gorgeous little niece already 2 years old? Seriously, where did that time go? It still feels like yesterday that I was holding her for the first time - terrified that I would drop her. These days I'm confident that I can throw her onto a bed or the sofa and not only will she not break into a thousand pieces, she'll bloody laugh her head off while you do it! 

She has grown into a perfect little lady. She's the sweetest little thing. She grabs your hand when it's time for you to play and she'll pull you to whatever part of the house/garden she wants to play in. She has perfected her smile. Say "say cheese" to her and she's got that cheeky grin down to a T.  She also gives the absolute best cuddles. If you catch her on an especially cute time, she'll cuddle into you and you'll just melt. 

Let's hope the next year doesn't fly by too quickly! I can't wait to see her grow into an even more awesome little lady... not that that's possible!

♥ L e o n a 

My Best Friend's Wedding.

This is not a post about the 1997 blockbuster starring Julia Roberts. I do apologise if you've come here for something like that. This, my friends, is a round up of July 4th, 2015. The day that I watched my best friend get married 

It was a day that was so very anticipated. Eighteen months of planning, excitement, searches and hard work had all come to an end and Becca and Dan were finally getting married. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I have never ever met another person to whom the idea of marriage meant more than Becca. Marriage is a truly special thing to so many people, myself included. But believe me when I say that Becca could not wait to be married to her man. That day finally arrived and oh what a wonderful day it was.

I'd set my alarm for a stupidly early time as we had a lot of ladies to prepare for the big day. I woke to find Katie sound asleep in her bed opposite ours but Becca was already awake. She was sitting in the chair by the window, looking out at the sea, taking in the last bit of calm she could catch before the madness of her wedding day. I let her relax for a few minutes and then shouted "good morning!" across the room. She span around and ran at the bed, launching herself onto me while screeching "I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!" and that was it, the calm was over.

The wedding venue was about 40 minutes away from the church so we had to be ready by 11 AM in order to give ourselves enough travel time. Have you tried to get 6 bridesmaids and a bride ready in about 4 hours? It's all calm and relaxing for the first hour or so. We got to sit and chat while we were doing our make up and the hairdressers were working magic on our hair, but it soon became a panic of rushing around when we realised just how little time we had left. Becca and I disappeared into the Bridal Suite to get ready while the other bridesmaids finished off the final touches in their rooms.

Nothing will ever prepare you for the mix of emotions you'll feel as a Maid of Honour. Excitement for the day ahead, panic when time is running away from you, trying to keep yourself calm so you can keep bride-y under control when it seems like the flowers won't be arriving on time... seriously. It's fine, they did, but for a second there I thought they weren't arriving - even if I didn't show a hint of doubt to Becca.

The flowers arrived just as I was making sure that Becca was 100% perfect. This was when the emotions I was prepared for came. Excitement was my main emotion of the day. I seriously could not wait to walk down the aisle with her. To walk into that church knowing that she was about to marry the man that she had wanted to marry for such a long time. As soon as she put the veil on I had to hold back the tears. Becca really suited being a bride. It's a silly thing to say but she did. She just looked right. Everything about her outfit was perfect for her, from her hair all the way down to her shoes. I remember thinking "Holy crap, Gorgeous. You've done it. You've planned a whole wedding. You've planned all of this, and my god do you look unbelievable." I just remember feeling so incredibly proud of her.

Once we were both ready we had a few minutes of calm. We took some deep breaths and hugged each other until she was ready to make her way downstairs. We joined the bridesmaids waiting at the top of the stairs and we all had another little moment to take it all in. The first tears of the day came when I was following Becca down the stairs and I heard her take a deep breath when she saw her dad. Katie, who was also welling up (you'd better believe that every person who was stood at the bottom of those stairs was crying!) offered me a tissue but don't worry, I was prepared. I pulled my stash of tissue out of my cleavage. You can put me in a fancy dress but you can't take away my "charm".

We headed out to the cars and took the opportunity to take some photos together in the beautiful sun. Everyone got into their designated car and started the hottest journey of our lives. Vintage cars are beautiful but a V8 engine with 4 gears and no ventilation on a hot day? I wouldn't recommend it.

It was time for the big event. The marriage was here. We arrived to find a quiet church with all its guests tucked away inside awaiting a bride. We made our way to the church doors, got into our places and were ready to go. I looked back at Becca and I could see her heart beating in her chest. I grabbed her hand, we exchanged "I love you"s and that was it, the time had come.

Us bridesmaids made our way down the aisle, keeping a close eye on the bookshelf that was our sign to move. I reached the pew and was met with a cheeky smile and a wink from Dan. He was clearly just as excited to see his bride as she was to see him. Standing in my pew, it was time to watch the bride make her way down to the sound of Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power Of Love. I looked up at Becca and back at Dan for all of about 5 seconds because the emotion hit me like a brick. I thought I could handle it, I thought I had it covered but no. I know you think I'm cool guys, but tears just get the better of us at times like this.

It was a perfect ceremony. It was full of tears, joy, happiness and laughs, many laughs. The vicar even pulled out recorder at one time and just started jamming with the organ player. It was the largest recorder I've ever seen and it was hilariously brilliant. We spent a good hour outside in the sun posing for photos and enjoying the weather before we waved goodbye to the bride and groom and followed them back to Whitsand Bay Hotel for the celebrations.

The time for the most emotional part of the day arrived, the meal. I could have cried a thousand tears when it finally arrived. Having only eaten a chocolate croissant that morning, the wait between the ceremony and the meal felt like a lifetime. The emotion of the first half of the day had taken all of my energy too, this food was needed!

One of my favourite parts of the day was the speeches. Everyone loves speeches, right? In my opinion there are never enough of them, I am always so sad when they're over.
Well these did not disappoint, Dan's speech was wonderful, the best man's was hilarious, Becca's dad's was the perfect mix of emotion and hilarity - him in a nutshell! And Becca's sister, Lucy finished us all off with an emotional number. Thanks Luce!

The meal was the start of the party. Everyone began to relax and just take it all in. The weather was fantastic, the drinks were flowing and the celebrations were on top form.

Once we were done stuffing our faces I had to take on my main task of the day, helping Becca pee. I had been warned about this, a bride in a dress like Becca's cannot be left to pee without supervision. Well, we did it together and it is single-handedly my favourite Becca and Leona moment ever. I don't think I stopped laughing for a good 20 minutes. It's a once in a lifetime experience and it will definitely stick with me forever. Thanks Gorgeous, what a gift.

The rest of the evening was awesome. Really, really awesome. It was party central. We all danced, laughed, enjoyed the amazing views and just had the time of our lives. I wish I could do it all over again because it was so much fun. When the DJ announced the last song of the night I was gutted that it would all soon be over.

That night, while brushing the ridiculous amount of hairspray out of my hair, I finally had a chance to take in the whole day. I'd danced with family and friends, I'd stuffed my face with delicious food (the leak and potato soup was insane, guys), I'd made memories that I'll never forget (see pee story above.), I got to see my boy I all dressed up in a suit (one of my favourite things!) and most importantly, I'd witnessed my best friend marry the man of her dreams. All in all, it was a bloody great day.

♥ L e o n a 

Treat That Special Someone with Debenhams Flowers*

When you want to tell someone just how wonderful they are, and how much you really appreciate them, I think flowers are a great way to go. They make people smile and there are so many variations of bouquets out there that you can choose one that really represents that special someone. Even if you have a fussy mum who doesn't actually like picked flowers, potted plants are still a beautiful gift. Especially lavender. Lavender just looks so pretty. Anyway, I'm going off track here.

My sister, Sadie is someone I could give a bunch of flowers to every single week that I see her. She is a truly special person and an all-around wonderful human. Nothing is ever too much for her. She will put on her Wonder Woman cape (not literally. It's actually more likely to be a Snow White cape more than Wonder Woman.) and immediately help you out with any situation you have managed to get yourself into.

Sadie always sees the best in people, is always there for advice and will back you 100% on pretty much everything. Don't start thinking that she won't call you out if you're being an idiot though. She will definitely do that. She'll just have your best interests at heart.

Over the years we've built a strong friendship, she is definitely someone I would call a best friend and I wanted to remind her of how much she means to me.
Sadie is a fussy so and so, she has some unusual tastes (another reason why we love her.) and she absolutely hates the colour pink. I knew the search for the perfect bouquet would be a hard one. After looking back and forth through Debenhams Autumn range* I had found the one - Autumn Sun. It was the perfect mix of bright colours, different shapes and had two of her favourite flowers in... and there was no sign of pink anywhere.

We've always had a brilliant relationship and I thank my lucky starts every day that I have her in my life. Because I don't feel like I say it enough, and I don't think you hear it enough from anyone else, Sadie, thank you for being such an awesome sister/friend

And thank you for bringing the most amazing daughter into this world, she's the greatest niece anyone has ever had (actual fact) and you are doing a fantastic job of helping to make her a wonderful little lady.

If you have someone wonderful in your life who you think deserves a little treat, why don't you treat them to a beautiful bouquet of flowers? I promise you it will put a huge smile of their face and it will really mean a lot to them. If you're a little lazy (we all are, let's face it) then you can pick the perfect bunch and have it delivered to their door with Debenhams' Flower DeliveryYou can also treat them to something pretty with 25% off! Just use code "DFBLOG25". Excluding the small Flowers By Post range. So you really don't have much of an excuse now!

Are you a flower person? What's your favourite? 

♥ L e o n a 

*This post was written in collaboration with Debenhams FlowersAll words are my own.