Thursday, November 20

What's The Happy Haps? :: Taking Stock

Well this week has been a big old barrel of laughs. Friday morning started with me throwing up in work (I thought I'd start the post nicely for you all!) and then it just got worse from there. I managed to stay strong and plod along in work until it was time to go home and I hoped a little nap and some toast might help me along. I was supposed to be seeing A Day To Remember that evening so I was keeping my fingers crossed that I'd start to feel better. To cut a long story short I didn't get better and it took me six days and a lot of vomiting (keeping it delicious for you.) to feel 100% again. I was absolutely gutted that I had missed A Day To Remember! Luckily I'd seen them before so it wasn't as heartbreaking but it'll probably be a while until I get another chance to see them. Le sigh. 

So Thursday, here we are. It's the first day that I've felt normal and I thought it would be the perfect time for a little catch up. This little Taking Stock post has made it's way around my favourites' (see Michelle's, Chelsea's and Bee's fabulous posts.) blogs and so I'm borrowing it, you can all have it back as soon as I'm done with it, I swear.

 Liam feel better. I managed to pass my bug on to him and I felt awful.
Cooking actual food that I can eat. I can't even explain how hungry I was. 2 pieces of toast and 4 digestive biscuits is not enough food consumption for 48 hours.
Drinking so much water!
Reading A Feast for Crows. It's ruddy good, I'm telling you!
Wanting some more new pyjamas. I bought some great new bottoms from Sainsbo's the other day and I am in love.
Looking for inspiration for Christmas presents for my mum. She is absolutely the hardest woman to buy for!
Playing Jelly Splash. I stopped playing it about 6 months ago and just decided to play this morning while I was lying in bed. 7 levels later... haha!
Wasting my time playing Jelly Splash!
Deciding on which uni course to apply for. 
Wishing I had already applied to uni years ago and had already finished my course. It's a daunting thing.
Enjoying my two days off with Liam. Even if we were both a little under the weather.
Waiting for my inspiration to write my personal statement to kick in. I don't think it's going to.
Liking my new blog layout. I changed it at the start of last week and I thought I'd start to dislike it but I still love it!
Wondering what these next three weeks in work are going to be like. Two of those weeks are going to be spent working until midnight so I'm really not looking forward to it.
Loving Liam. He really was so lovely looking after me this weekend. What a babe.
Considering Giving up filling out my UCAS form and just finding an easier route.
Watching House. We've nearly finished the first season. Can someone tell me whether every single episode is: Character collapses - Doctors don't know what's wrong - Doctors think they've solved it - they haven't solved it - patient nearly dies - patient's relative gets angry because the Doctors got it wrong - Doctors solve it - patient is ok - everything is great. Because if it's 8 whole seasons of that then I really don't think I can take it.
Hoping for a wonderful Christmas.
Marvelling at how I really can't think of an answer for this.
Needing to pay the fine we got for parking in a bus stop. It was 9PM and we needed something from Tesco!
Smelling my gorgeous scents from Maryjoscents. They are so gorgeous!
Wearing my pyjamas.
Following Halo. Liam's been playing it non-stop since it was released last week.
Noticing the little things that make me happy.
Knowing I'm back to work tomorrow and it makes me awfully sad.
Thinking about what awesome presents I can buy people for Crimbo!
Feeling thankful for such a sweet fiancé.
Admiring Sophie for her bloody awesome charity work
Buying Christmas presents for my besty.
Getting excited about writing blog posts again!
Bookmarking my favourite posts for my Wednesday Loves post. I have so many posts to catch up on!
Opening emails. This week has just been crazy for emails. Companies are just going Christmas crazy aren't they?
Giggling at the jokes Liam and I have. We sat on the sofa this morning laughing at each other's feet... for about 20 minutes. I kid you not. 

What have you been up to while I've been away?Leona 
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Wednesday, November 12

Wednesday Loves #85!

How cute are these leg warmers? M would look so cute in them!

Isn't this the most beautiful house you've ever seen?


Wow. A 15 year old artist known as J Desehnos creates these incredible 3D drawings.

Oh good lord I absolutely need this Christmas bedding in my life.

This teddy bear is so cute. M would love it!

"What is Mr. Step's - the girls' "dance" instructer- story?" and 20 other unanswered questions from Spice World. Seriously, why was there a bomb on the bus?

13 awesome things you can do with removable wallpaper. I need to get creative and start some of these!

I want some Game of Thrones House underwear in my life!

Other awesome links:
<3 Meet Honey, the amazing blind cat who enjoys hiking with her owners.
<3 How does Peter Dinklage get out of the "what happens at the end of GOT questions?" With a pretty awesome answer!
<3 Have you ever wanted to put chocolate stenciled designs on your coffee/hot chocolates? You can get personalised ones! How neat is that? This reindeer one is perfect for winter hot chocolates.
<3 Scruffy looking jack russell puppies are my favourites. How cute is this guy?
<3 It's pretty cute seeing a Dashchund puppy ring the bell for treats but I can imagine it's going to get pretty annoying every time he actually wants a treat. haha!

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Sarah wrote a pretty great post about why it's important to try and stay clear of unwanted drama.
<3 Jenny's post about how she feels closer to her loved one just by looking at the moon is super sweet.
<3 Sophie's picked 10 of her favourite blog posts from the last week or so. They're all pretty great - not just because she included little old me! haha.
<3 Michelle has moved to Hong Kong! I can't wait to read her posts all about her new pad & the adventures she gets up to!
<3 Have you ever wanted to win £500 towards a UK adventure? Well with the help of Sophie's blog you can!
<3 I wish Jemma and I were friends back in the day. We could danced along to these bands together.

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Tuesday, November 11

This Week I've...

...seen some beautiful views. I lived in Cornwall for 18 years before I went against everything I believe and moved to Devon so it becomes a bit of a habbit to just walk around and forget that you have pretty epic views to look at. Liam and I went out for some lunch with my parents on the weekend and as we were walking back to the car I actually took some time to actually appreciate the view from the café.

...played with this little chunk. Every Monday Sadie takes M to a gymnastic group for little ones called Gym Bubbas. Don't worry, it's nothing crazy. It's a pretty awesome activity group that encourages baby's movement, balance and awareness. M usually doesn't have to do anything extreme, it's usually Aunty Leona who ends up having to do back rolls and bend over backwards to help. It's a lot of fun though! This week we popped next door to Drake's Den where we had some lunch and then M played in the soft play area.

... had some cuddles with this dude. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing his cute little sleeping face in the morning.

...treated myself to something pretty. I needed a new watch and I searched Sainsbury's for the perfect one. When I spotted this pretty patterned Christmas watch I knew it was the one for me. I love the pattern and I know what you're thinking, what will I do when Christmas is over? Well my dears, I'll simply cut away the little tree-dangly and wear it as a simple patterned watch. Genius!
...spent some time with a shark. I forgot to take a picture actually with Sophie-Shark, as usual. But she did snap this picture of me and my boy. Clearly I was just so happy to be having a photo with him that I couldn't keep my eyes open. It was a lovely day, we went for some lunch, had a little walk around town and then took Rex for a walk. I just wish we could see each other more often, stupid full-time jobs!

What have you been up to this week?

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Monday, November 10

Review :: Sticky 9 Stickers!

I love Sticky 9 (previously named Stickygram if you can remember back a few months!). I loved them way back when all you could do was print fridge magnets from your Instagram accounts and I love them even more now. This past year they've come up with a butt-load of products that make Christmas (yeah, I said it.) all the more interesting for everyone involved. My new favourite thing is the desktop magnet calenders. You just add your own images to a simple display box and voilà, a cute little personal desk calender for you or a loved one. That's pretty cool right?

Just before they released the desktop calender they released reusable stickers. Just before their offical release I received an email asking me to send 19 photos along and I would receive a surprise in the post. I chose 19 photos (I'm pretty sure I didn't choose 2 exact same photos of myself and Chelsea. I know I love the girl but still come on!) and waited patiently to see what would arrive. I came home one day to find 19 stickers in a cute little envelope for me. The quality of the prints is top notch, as is always the case with Sticky 9 products. I always love the matte effect finish of them. If I'd have known that the photos were going to be different shapes and sizes then I definitely would have asked for certain ones to be certain sizes but that's neither here nor there.

I'm going to be honest though and say that they are still sat on the side waiting to be used. Not because I don't like them, simply because I have no where to put them. If I hadn't already covered my laptop in Pixar stickers then they would have gone straight on there. As that's already happened I'm a bit stuck (ha! Get it?) on where to put them. Part of me wants to buy a nice little frame for them and then display them as one big picture but that negates the whole "fun sticker" thing. If I was still in school these badboys would have been stuck to my planner straight away! I did test the sticky-ness of the back of one of them and trust me, these babies are going to stick to anything.

Have you ever bought any Sticky 9 products before? I'm definitely trying to decide who needs a desktop calender for Christmas...

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*I was sent this product to review by
 Sticky 9. 
All views are honest and 100% my own.