Thursday, July 24

Happy Things Thursday

This week has been a tough one. We said goodbye to a very special lady this weekend. If you were to ask me very quickly who she was then the simple answer is "my best friends' mum". But that just doesn't do her any justice, she was the mother of our group. She was a friend, she was a very special lady. She was known to many as "Muv" and my goodness will she be missed. Muv had oodles of tips and tricks tucked up in her mind that would help you out. She had an answer for any problem and if you ever needed random animal facts then Muv was your lady. At parties she would sit in the corner of the room on her sofa, watching and laughing at everyone enjoying themselves. She'd have a moan at A and B about their language and then every so often she'd come out with her fair share of swear words too! 

I understand that this is a very strange start to a post that is supposed to be filled with happy things but I promise I'm getting there. This week we said our goodbyes by taking a trip to the moors and letting off some balloons. We each wrote a message and attached it to the balloons too. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky and the temperature was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better goodbye. 

Liam and I have spent a lot of time at our friends' house this week and ecause of this I've really come to appreciate how strong our friendship group is. When times are tough you really realise how great your friends are. So in all this sadness I'm so thankful to be able to take something positive away from it. So here are some things that have made me happy in a pretty awful week:

Having a great, strong friendship group. We have our laughs, we have our tears and we have our annoyances but this week has shown me that we're stronger and much closer than I ever realised and that's something really bloody special.
Seeing so many people turn up to celebrate Muv's life. 
Liam losing his balloon before the countdown. I could hear Muv saying "that bloody Liam!" and it did make me chuckle. 
Seeing how strong A and B are. Ridiculously f***ing proud of them. 
Laughter in a difficult time. Laughter helps to heal us all and it's a wonderful thing seeing your chums laugh when they really don't feel like it. 

And now for some more simpler things:
Ice poles. It's been so hot this week (I don't know if you've noticed!) and a yummy, cold ice pole is the way forward. 
Wrapping Liam's birthday presents. It's Liam's birthday tomorrow and I love nothing more than wrapping presents. It's as simple as that really. 
Finding out that I'll be seeing Shark on Sunday. That's the gist of it. Woohoo!

It's a strange feeling taking some happiness out of a tough time but I think it's helped us all this week.

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Wednesday, July 23

Wednesday Loves #69

There is a huge amount of dogs waiting to be adopted in Singapore so Save Our Street Dogs teamed up with Animal League to try and help. They created lifelike standees and placed them in Ikea's showrooms in the hopes of helping dogs find a new home.

I love Kloe's outfit! How awesome does her hair look. What a babe.

How amazing is this Up themed birthday party?

This is definitely the most expensive mobile I've ever seen but it's probably the most awesome one.


How awesome does the Addams family living room look when it's pink? Hues of red become darker shades of black when filmed on black and white, it's so interesting!

This handbag is so cute! I must have it!

I am completely and utterly in love with the colours in this hair.

Other awesome links:
<3 Isn't this nose ring beautiful?
<3 This is a pretty awesome Game of Thrones poster.
<3 Listen guys and gals, sex isn't always beautiful and here are 21 reasons why.
<3 This SNES controller inspired pillow is amazing.
<3 I've always wanted to recreate old family photos and these are just making me want to do it even more!
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<3 These Rhaegal, Viserion and Drogo necklaces are just magical!
<3 Have you ever wondered where books come from? Here's your answer!
<3 Here's another pun for you... I just can't get enough!

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Kate's having a blog sale, she has some absolutely gorgeouss dresses. I want them all! 
<3 Pretty much everything that Danielle has on her wishlist is something I would love in my bedroom too. That girl has great style ;)
<3 Hannah's chosen a pretty awesome outfit. That Hogwarts top is amazing and those vans are so beautiful. We all know that I'm a huge fan of a shorts and t-shirt combo too.
<3 Are you going to the South West Blogger Picnic? I wish I was going, I have some pretty exciting things lined up for that weekend though! Maybe you could go for me?
<3 It's been a pretty tough week and I needed some cheering up so I visited my favourite blogs. Michelle's did not disappoint. 

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Tuesday, July 22

2,922 Days :: Anniversary With This Goof.

Eight years, eight whole years of my life with this goof. 2,922 days! It's just nuts! I'm so proud of us! We met when we were 16 and have obviously quite liked each other because we've both stuck around ;)! A third of my life... I can't even begin to get my head around it. These last eight years have been awesome and I really can't wait for many, many more adventures to come! 

Liam is amazing. He makes me laugh, he actually laughs at my jokes when a lot of people don't. He knows when I'm feeling down and how to cheer me up. He's an awesome cook, he can make the yummiest food out of random ingredients left in the cupboards. He's so talented, when he plays guitar in his band and I'm watching him on stage I just feel so proud of him. He has the biggest drive to do great things. He works as a production manager and he honestly loves his job so much; watching him as ideas appear in his mind and seeing him get excited about them is a wonderful thing. He knows when I'm hangry (hungry-angry) and that I just need a chocolate bar or some tea and I'll be happy again in no time.

He knows me better than I even know myself sometimes and I absolutely bloody love him. 

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Thursday, July 17

Happy Things Thursday!

Rex and I got caught in the rain while we were walking around the park today. It was such a warm evening that I was actually enjoying walking in it, Rex was completely oblivious and was enjoying sniffing the grass. It was a really nice walk because it was just us two in the park with a few people walking through occasionally but other than that it was the most peaceful walk we've had in that park! I'm sat down with a cup of tea now and am actually really enjoying watching Britain's Poshest Nannies. Did anyone watch it? They're real life Mary Poppins just without the magic, it's pretty interesting! Now for a little list of things that have made me happy these last two weeks:

Celebrating my parents' 25th anniversary. It's so heartwarming to see my parents' love for each other. I'll never ever tire of seeing they're quirky relationship.
Flowers from my boy. The day after Liam came home last week (while I was still suffering with my stupid sickness bug) I woke up to find a beautiful orchid on the kitchen side. It's beautiful and it really cheered me up. I'm trying my hardest to keep it alive!
Warm cookies and ice cream. We bought some chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream the other evening. We warmed the cookies up in the oven and scooped some ice cream over the top and it was delicious.
Finding awesome cruelty free products. Living a cruelty free life (or at least trying to) is hard and sometimes products are very disappointing. It is an awesome thing when you find a product that you love.
Beating my dad at pool. My dad is a bit of a whizz at snooker and pool, he's been playing for over 40 years and on tuesday evening I beat him at pool. He might have let me win, he says he didn't and I'll never know, but still I won!
Reaching 400 bloglovin' followers. Oh wow! You have no idea how happy this made me. Thank you all <3
High waisted shorts. I have completely fallen in love with them recently. I used to dislike them for some reason but they are just so flattering that I can't say no!

What's been making you smile this week?

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