Things I Want To Do This Year.

This is not a list of resolutions, no. This is just a little list of some things I want to do throughout the year. They're not resolutions because I will bloody well get them done! Every year I write a list of goals and I always fail. So I'm trying to trick my mind into thinking the are just a bunch of things that will definitely, absolutely, 100% get done. 

T A K E  M O R E  B A T H S
When I was younger I was really allergic to bubble baths and other bath type products. My skin would come up in an awful itchy rash which, needless to say, put me off of baths for about 20 years of my life... seriously! I was a shower girl. It's no fun having a bath with nothing in, just boring old warm water! Every time I tried bubble baths, bath bombs or anything similar I always had the same reaction. 
For some reason, over this last year the problem has gone away. About a year ago I tried a Lush bath melt for super sensitive skin and my skin was fine. So I used that same one a couple more times, not trying to push my luck by diving right in to a bath bomb or anything, and again my skin was fine. Over the last 6 months or so I've used around loads of different bath bombs and bath melts and they've all been fine! Huzzah! 
I'm making up for lost time this year and I plan on trying as many Lush bath bombs and melts as I can afford! I've already treated myself to about 9 of them since Christmas so I'm doing well! 

S P E N D  M O R E  T I M E  O N  T W I T T E R
I've slacked so badly with Twitter over the last 6 months. I've no idea why because I bloody love it. I follow a bunch of awesome people who lays make me laugh. I think I just get lazy. 

S T O P  B E I N G  L A Z Y.  D O  M O R E  T H I N G S
This is a big one for me. I just love being lazy! I want to spend more time out and about seeing people and places. There are so many beautiful places to visit around here and I just take them for granted. I want to get out and discover the world... Ideally while still wearing my pyjamas because, you know, comfort.

H A V E  M O R E  S L E E P O V E R S  W I T H  M I L E Y
I just cannot spend enough time with this babe. She's hilarious, she pulls the funniest faces and she has the best taste in films. We had a sleepover this weekend and we watched Tangled, Monsters University and Toy Story 1 and 2. No complaints from me, Miley-Moo!! 

G E T  F I T
I was going to say "get fitter" but that would imply that I am already fit and I needed to improve on that. I'm not even a little bit fit so I just need to get fit, pronto. Swimming is my first choice. I love swimming! I mean, sure, mostly for the smell. I love the smell of chlorine! But also because I actually just enjoy swimming. I fugure if I'm going to start somewhere it should be doing something I like! 

G R O W  M Y  N A I L S 
I did so well with growing my nails. For about 3 years I managed to stop and although they would break a lot because I'd been biting them for so long, I still had nails! I started biting them again a few months ago and I was so annoyed at myself! 
Three weeks ago I forced myself to stop and made a promise that once my nails were long enough I would treat myself to some pretty shellac. That way they can grow without breaking and I can just keep getting pretty designs done! I had my first lot of shellac put on this week and oh, they are so beautiful! Here's to having long and beautiful nails for a big important day...

...G E T  M A R R I E D
Pretty much the most important and exciting one... getting married!! It's all in full swing and within the next 6 months Liam and I will be husband and wife. I mean, cheese and rice that's madness, can you believe that?  Husband and wife!! Eek!! 

I think these are all pretty doable, don't you? I mean, that last one is going to be a little stressful along the way but it'll be so wonderful! Seriously, me, I'll be a Mrs in 6 months time! I'm not mature enough to be a Mrs!

What We Wore :: Pets At Home Christmas Jumper!*

Rex showcasing his best Blue Steel look.
Christmas jumpers are the best, am I right? You know what makes Christmas jumpers even better? When you're dog wears one! You know what's even better than that? When you can wear a Christsmas jumper WITH your dog! Yes, ultimate squad goals right here.

Pets at Home* have released a new range of Christmas jumpers for dogs and they are all wonderful. I am pretty excited about taking Rex out on Christmas day with this cute little snowman number on.
You can treat your furry friend to some traditional Christmas jumpers, turn them into a dapper lad with this Christmas tux, go all out and turn them into Santa, or you can show of your dog's bad ass side with this skull jumper.

I decided not to go too cheesy with mine. Prancing reindeers seemed like an excellent choice for me.

When they asked me if Rex would like to try one on for size I imagined myself trying to snap a picture of the two of us together in our jumpers and how much of a nightmare that would be... To my surprise the scene in my head was a much more chaotic scene than the peaceful little photo shoot that actually occurred. Rex was all for posing in it! Just look at his angelic face, big pout and perfect turns.
He's pretty cute, right? His fitted perfectly. I ordered a size small and it was just the right size for him. Rex is pretty much spot on size wise for a jack russell so if your pup is a little larger than average for its breed then go for a size up. 

I think we can all agree that we're going to look pretty cute walking along Sutton Harbour on Christmas day. Now we just need to buy Liam one and we'll all look so damn cool!

♥ L e o n a 

Can We Just Talk About Love Actually Again For A Second?

Basically, I watch Love Actually a lot. This time last year I asked some very important questions about it. I rewatched it again tonight (I've watched it twice already this Christmas, don't worry) and there are some important things I need to bring up that I missed before...

Hey Joe, why don't you hold up a sign with the word "christmas" on it to help Billy Mack out instead of getting annoyed with him? Poor guy's struggling because he knows the old version so well!

Why does Karen blow off Daniel when it's the morning of his wife's funeral? The guy's just lost his wife! It's the morning of his wife's funeral, give him 5 minutes of your time!

Were there really no other logical characters for The Nativity than lobsters, an octopus and a whale? A whale!? Perhaps a pig would have been better? Maybe even a horse? No... a lobster? Not even one lobster, two! Was there really more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?

This one has gone over my head previously. Peter's stood at the aisle with his best man, joking about how bad some parts of his stag do were and he just drops into conversation what a mistake the Brazilian prostitutes were. Why? Because they turned out to be men. One, why on earth did Mark order Brazilian prostitutes for his mate's stag do? A stripper, yes, A PROSTITUTE? Perhaps a little too far. Now, stick with me here because Peter is actually a bit of a tw*t. He's not annoyed about the prostitute thing, he's annoyed that they turned out to be men. Dude wanted to sleep with a prostitute on his stag do! That's cheating mate.

Seriously what is Juliet wearing to her wedding? Is it a cardigan? Is it a dress? Why does it have feathers around the edges? Is it see-through? Whatever it is, it's gross. It seems her dress taste is as bad as her taste in men. OOH BURN.

Is it a coincidence that half of Peter and Julia's wedding party can play some sort of brass instrument? And why didn't they seem to notice people hiding trumpets, trombones and guitars in the aisle? Maybe they were just placed there by stalker Mark but why didn't Peter or Juliet notice random people in their wedding?

How can Natalie have "always given him the boring biscuits with no chocolate" if she's new?

Can we talk about how awesome it is that Daniel drops into conversation that it might be a boy that Sam is in love with., with no sign of it being a big deal, just a normal everyday thing, you know, like it is. Making him a wonderful parent. "And what does she, he feel about you?"

What is this shit show that Ant & Dec are hosting? The audience in the background are hating life. It looks like a Sam and Mark version of an Ant and Dec show.

Genuinely though, what is that shitty art that Mark is trying to sell? They are funny, Mark. They're not art.

Peter clearly knows that Mark is constantly an absolute knobhead to Juliet. Why doesn't he just ask him to not be a twat? It's not just that Mark doesn't really talk to Juliet, he's actually mean to her. Peter has to tell him to "be nice!". So your best mate is a tw*t to your wife and that's fine with you?

Why doesn't the landlady of Jamie's holiday home translate between Jamie and Aurelia to make the introduction a little easier for them? No, just stand there and take the mick out of Jamie for his attempts at different languages.

Where the chuff did Karen buy those bloody awful dolls from? I've seen better looking dolls in the pound shop!

Why is Juliet so rude? You don't just turn up at someone's home, start rooting through their things, stick a tape on and get comfy. Take your terrible tasting pie and rude attitude and get out.

Natalie and Annie are basically the same size. Why does Annie call her "The Chubby Girl"? She just has slightly bigger hips than you!

Why does Karen just stand their and watch this hussy throw herself at Harry? It's clearly more than an innocent dance. They're staring into each others eyes and she's whispering stupid Skittlehead things into his ear. Throw your drink in that tw*ts face!

Whoever was in charge of the continuity for Love Actually should have been sacked. Every time Colin's Porn Friend is in a scene with Colin, he's immediately in the next scene with John and Judy!

Why does Karen want to open (what she thinks is) her main present on Christmas Eve?  Who opens their main present on Christmas Eve?

Does Elton John just wait next to the phone when the Christmas no.1 is announced and invite them to the party?

Is Peter just an absolute prick? He really does seem to be a massive d*ck. "Give them a quid and tell them to bugger off!" Alright mate, they can hear you. As far as you're concerned, mate, they're actually carol singers and they're just trying to share some Christmas cheer with you.

WHO CAME UP WITH THIS "JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS", "AT CHRISTMAS YOU TELL THE TRUTH", "IF YOU CAN'T SAY IT AT CHRISTMAS, WHEN CAN YOU EH?" BULLSHIT? This is not a thing! "Should I eat this whole bar of chocolate? Yeah, it's Christmas" is fair enough, when did we all start telling the truth and kissing married women because it's Christmas?


What does Mark mean by "Enough now."? It's enough that you proclaimed your love to your best friend's wife? It's enough that she kissed you? It's enough that you got what you came for, a smooch?That's enough? You shouldn't have stopped before that?

Someone on Natalie's street must have known that she lived in number 102? 50 houses and you're telling me that only her next door neighbour knows a Natalie? I'm pretty sure that someone on that street would have known a Natalie who worked in no. 10 and lived a few doors up. There can't be that many of them.

Would that many people really give a crap about Aurelia and this man that wants to marry her? Some of them actually get up from a restaurant and leave their food! Just get up and leave their food, can you believe?


Thus ends a super important episode of Leona Watches Love Actually Too Often.
♥ L e o n a 

Life, By Instagram.

B E A U T I F U L  F L O W E R S
A couple of days after Liam came home from working away, he went out to pick up our tea and came home with some pretty flowers for me. What a little sweetheart.

Y U M M Y  F O O D
Super exciting times here in Plymouth, guys. An awesome new burger bar & grill has opened up just over the road from us. WYB (What's Your Beef) Burgers opened a couple of months ago and Liam and I decided to give it a go. It was delicious. I had the chicken burger which was amazing. The coating on the chicken was unbelievable. It was the perfect mix of a southern-friend crisp and mouth-watering flavour. Yummy! I can't wait to go back!

B A T H  T I M E
This is a big deal for me. I don't usually have baths, showers are my thang. Over the years I've been allergic to so many bath products that I just gave up trying and accepted my fate of a shower-filled live. Well a few weeks ago I was invited to another Lush event (more on that later!) and I came away with a Bar Humbug bath melt. I chose it because it smelt awesome and it looks so pretty and one night I thought "chuff it, let's go for it." and I didn't react to it. I got to enjoy a wonderful smelling, beautifully coloured bath. Instead of the plain water ones I was used to (seriously boring, don't even bother.) I didn't react! I can't tell you how happy I am. Hooray for baths!

G R E A T  F I L M S
Recently it has come to my attention that I might be the only person who thinks Space Jam is a ruddy great film. It was only when I showed my excitement for buying and then watching it that people looked at me a little funny. Have I been living in a shell? Was Space Jam not loved by all? I watched it again and I still loved it so screw you all. Unless you're a fellow fan, then no screwing for you.

Sometime last year Liam treated me to this amazing T-Shirt. For you non-emo kids out there it's a mix up of My Chemical Romance's (calm down Becky) album cover for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. If neither of those things mean anything to you, just know that they're pretty important in emo kids' lives. I discovered it while rummaging through my drawers, decided that it was fate that helped me find the t-shirt and that meant it should be an emo day.

L O O K I N G  S E X Y 
One of my new favourite Lush products is Love Lettuce. It's amazing. It makes my skin feel wonderfully clean and fresh. I can't get enough of it. It lasts forever too. I picked it up in September, have used it once a week since then and I still have loads left! I love it!

D A P P E R  L I T T L E  L A D 
He's a little babe. That's all that needs to be said really.

L I T T L E  T R E A T S
The only reason I could justify treating myself to these gorgeous boots is that I had a £20 Love to Shop voucher to spend. They were £29.99 from New Look so I only had to pay £9.99 for them, and that's a bargain if you ask me. I fell in love with them straight away and with the encouragement of my besty, I bought them. I'm already thinking of adding the other available colours to my Christmas list, they're that beautiful.

Sadie and I took Miley to Trago Mills a few weeks ago. If you're from the South West you'll know how amazing Trago Mills is (When I say amazing, I mean like so unbelievably sh*t that it's amazing. Maybe it's a Cornish thing... just go there one day, you'll know what I mean.), if you're not from the South West then I'd tell you you weren't missing out on anything... but I'd be lying. Anyway, after we walked around the store and bought what we needed, we headed over for a walk around the parks and feed the ducks. It was a lovely little trip. Miley is so adventurous, she didn't bat an eyelid at feeding a cockerel from her own hand - brave lady!

What have you been up to recently?

♥ L e o n a