2 July 2015

Snippets of Life :: The Cleve Spa Hotel!

My gorgeous best friend is getting married two days. Two days. Is this real life? I can't believe the time is finally here! Two days and she will be a married woman, isn't that just so magical? 

When you're getting married you usually do some kind of fun thing before the big day, we all know it as a hen do and we all know that you usually have one of those, right? Well, Becca definitely didn't miss out on a hen do, oh no, in fact she had three. Four if you count our cheeky getaway this weekend to Cedar Falls Health Farm. For her main hen do we took her to The Cleve Spa for a pamper weekend. As it was over a month ago now I though it was probably high time I shared some pictures from our fun weekend!

We arrived on the Friday afternoon and were given a tour of the spa. I think you can see by the pictures that we were incredibly impressed with its beauty. Just look at how lovely that garden is! Once we were shown around, we told Becca about her body massage that we'd treated her to and so while she was busy being pampered we decorated our rooms and got ready for the night ahead. Katie made cupcakes with lovely little penises, L-plates and handcuffs on. Look at those skills! They were delicious, even if it was a little weird munching on a tiny, icing willy.

All dolled up with places to go. We headed into Taunton for our night of fun! We ate at The Cosy Club. It's a beautiful place and the food was delicious. Well, most of ours was, poor Katie had been looking forward to the crab linguine all day but when it came out it was full of little bits of shell... boo Cosy Club!

After Cosy Club we headed next door to the Pitcher and Piano for cocktails, then, once we'd necked two or three of those we moved on to a club called Fever. Fever was... nice? Granted, it was quite early so when we arrived it was completely dead but still, give us the right tunes and us girls can dance anywhere. We've all got a club like Fever in our cities, our version is called Reflex/Flares. It's that place that you end up at 2 in the morning when you just want to dance but everywhere else has closed. The fact that they were playing utterly random tunes that we'd never ever heard of before meant that we swiftly left Fever for Zinc.

Massive thanks to Liam's step-sister who suggested it to us got us on the guest list because Zinc was great! It was exactly what we were looking for. If only we'd found it an hour before. We could have enjoyed dancing along to some absolute tunes for a few more hours before we all got too tired and headed home. As much as we'd like to deny it, we were all dreaming of our beds by 12:30AM. What rock stars, eh? Kanye, eat your heart out. 

Saturday was just fantastic. It was such a lovely day. We woke up early to eat breakfast and then headed down to the pool. We swam a little but then just had a big old mess about. We actually got told off by the manager because we were being too loud. It didn't look too good when she walked in to see me throw Becca off of my shoulders into the pool... it was bloody fun though. So we carried on having just as much fun but with a little less volume.

We were so lucky with the weather that weekend. Saturday was just gorgeous. We spent a good 3-4 hours chilling on the comfy chairs in the garden, chatting the afternoon. None of us thought to bring sun cream with us though so poor Becca caught the brunt of that and suffered with some gorgeous tan lines for the next few weeks. I burn pretty damn quickly so I stayed hidden under my robe for most of the afternoon.

Becca and I had our eyebrow tint and shape that evening, which we were both so happy with. I've never heard anyone make as funny a noise as Becca when she has her eyebrows waxed. I was sat on the other side of the room giggling away while she repeated her high pitched "OW!" over and over. 
After we'd washed excess wax off our faces we headed down for tea. GOOD GOD WAS THIS FOOD DELICIOUS. I was a little scared as their weren't many options on the menu and I'm a fussy so-and-so but I needn't have worried. They had my old faithful and boy was it great. I went for the fish & chips and as you can see, it was tasty. That batter was... my oh my. And the chips? I could eat 1,000 of those bad boys. Don't worry, there are plenty more of them hidden under the fish. That would be a pretty awful chip-fish ratio. Once we'd stuffed our faces we headed up to our bedrooms and played Cards Against Humanity until we were all too tired to keep our eyes open anymore. Hey, being pampered is tiring, OK?

And then Sunday came and sadly it was time to leave. We decided to grab a cream tea for lunch as we were full from our cooked breakfast. Then we begrudgingly left for home. Oh how the post-spa blues set in on our way home. It was such a wonderful weekend, it was just so sad that it was over. It was a perfect weekend. Beautiful views, a gorgeous building, truly wonderful company and many laughs made for a completely perfect weekend. 
We really gave Becca a weekend to remember.


24 June 2015

Wednesday Loves #105!


I am in love with these shoes!

This is so pretty!

Becky wrote a pretty interesting post about her perfectionism. Who knew you could be really un-organised (like me!) but suffer from perfectionism in other aspects of life?

I need this in my life.

I'm so jealous that Amy treated herself to Liz Earle's limited edition Hot Cleanse & Polish sets. I love these products so much!!

I love these shorts!

Damn it, these tea light holders are so cute!

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<3 Why did we watch these things when we were a kid? Seriously, some of this shit is terrifying.
<3 Poor Paul Rudd is never going to be taken serious as Ant Man.

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<3 Australians have been lying to us. Hannah has had to buy LAYERS because it's so COLD. What!?
<3 Fifi looked like she had an awesome trip to the Lake District - awful tumble aside - I'm so jealous!
<3 Chelsea treated herself to my favourite Body Shop product. The Vitamin E Eye Cube. That thing it da bomb.


22 June 2015

Monthly M :: 17-19 Months!

If you're on the ball you might notice that we've skipped a month. That was because of my little impromptu blogging break so I'm doubling up on the M fun. What a win for you, eh?

A month in the life of M seems to fly by and yet I look back over the fun we've had since April and it feels like months and months ago. Take the day we played with L in Play World for example, that feels like it was 4 or 5 months ago and yet it was only the start of April that we were giggling, running around climbing frames and sliding down the big-girl-slide.
M's friend, L.

I use the term "friend" loosely when describing L. Sadie and I would call her a friend of M but whether M would agree with you is another story. As much as we try and encourage them to play together they always end up pushing one another away or throwing balls at each other's head. One minute they're happily playing together in the soft play area and the next they're tying to get away from the other. I'll have to keep you updated on the "friend" situ, but for now I think they would just call each other acquaintances.

I'm so sure that any day now she will come out with her first, fully formed word. You can make out words like "wow!", "gone?" (Which is usually paired with dramatic wrist actions!) and "again". She's pretty spot on with "dada" and "mum" but I'm not 100% sure if she actually knows what she's saying...

We were very lucky to have not one, but two sleepovers in May! How spoilt were Uncle Liam and I!? They were perfect. I could look after this little lady all day every day. She is so good with her routines. She usually comes to us between midday and 3. We get some wonderful play time before her afternoon quiet time. She usually has a bottle and watches a Disney film - oh boy does she love a good Disney Princess story!! 

After quiet time is more play time. This is when she recreates the mess I already cleared away. I know, I know, parents will tell you that tidying up after a child during the day is a pointless thing but I just don't like mess all over our tiny little living room, plus I always feel a little accomplished when I tidy it all away. It's also fun to watch her create her own little messes too, so it's really a win-win for me. 

Let's get back on to Disney films for a moment. I don't know what they do with those films but she just loves them. Her favourites. that she will watch over and over again are Tangled, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and The Three Musketeers. I hadn't watched Tangled until a few months ago and I think I must have seen it at least 10 times in the last 2 months! She never gets bored of them! 

One of my favourite, favourite, favourite times of day when we have her, is when she's just woken up. I'll go and get her from her cot and bring her into our bedroom where she'll half snuggle and half play. She usually heads straight to Liam's guitar where she'll strum away, writing some banging tunes. She definitely needs a guitar for Christmas.

During these months I managed to master the art of putting M's hair into cute little bunches. The trick? Do it when she's distracted! Is she watching Tangled or munching on a packet of Quavers? Quick! Get her hair in bunches! She does look pretty darn sweet, don't you agree?

Leona ♥
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11 June 2015

(Let's Pretend This Is) Wednesday Loves #105!


Khaleesi's outfits have been ON POINT this season. These capes are just working for her!

This photo print is so unbelievably cute!

Meg and Aimee visited a local event, Native Makers, and I'm so jealous I was completely oblivious of it because it looks so awesome.

This mug would make me so happy.

Oh good lord. This is what dreams are made of.

21 Things All Brits Did At School That Would Get You Fired Now. Pretty much.

Just watch the video because you will not be disappointed.

We all need this while we're blogging away.

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<3 I DEFINITELY think we all need this Kenan and Kel embroidery in our lives!!!
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<3 This is me after every night out. Without fail.
<3 Fancy making your own Triceratops taxidermy? Now you can!

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<3 Emily did The Netflix Tag and it looks like fun so I might have to steal it from her.
<3 I've been thinking of treating myself to a Fitbit and Rosie's gorgeous new bracelet cover for hers is just beautiful!
<3 Amber's reasons for why she's not really a grown up are basically me.

Leona ♥
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