Wednesday, February 25

Wednesday Loves #97!


This print is so cute.

I could not agree with Danielle more. Dogs really are the best pets!

I think we can all agree with this.

OH MY GOD it's a Powerful Girls skirt!

This photography series of the working dogs of the world is amazing.

How many of these song lyrics do you remember from the 90s? All of them, I would hope!

Becky visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour (yes, again!) but the animal actors were there this time! I'm so jealous!

If everyone could just crochet me a thousand of these baskets, that'd be great. They are so cute!

This is killing me. Tumblr's reactions to The Red Wedding are so funny.

I know these shoes are for Blythe dolls but my goodness wouldn't they look so cute sat on a shelf?

Other awesome links:
<3 This Is England is coming back this year for it's final season and I am so excited. I'm also equally scared because you it's just going to be heartbreaking.
<3 I really want this map of Game of Thrones territories!
<3 Which '90s cartoon series are you? I got Dexter's Lab, which is am SO HAPPY WITH! I loved Dexter's Laboratory so much!
<3 Garfield socks! How awesome!
<3 31 awesome facts about the Harry Potter movies.
<3 I've been lusting after some lace-up boots recently. These Rocket Dog ones are beautiful!
<3 I really want to try this hot crossed bun hairstyle. It looks so cute!

Awesome people in blog lang:
<3 Look at Amy's amazing Tangled dress!
<3 Sunae's midwifery course sounds incredible. I'm so proud of Sunae, what a career to embark on!
<3 I'm so jealous of Kloe's trip to a Lush event. It looks like so much fun!
<3 Everyone seems to be going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I am so jealous! Sarah's images are so cute!
<3 I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that Amy is 27 on Thursday. She does not look a day over 22.

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Monday, February 23

Don't Fear The Smear :: Sophie's Experience!

This is my Hey-you-go-and-get-that-smear-done-or-I'll-turn-this-car-around-face.

Hello Sugarplums! This week's guest post is from Sophie. Her post really does drill in the importance of talking about any fears you may have about your smear tests. She was incredibly nervous before booking her first test. She put it off for weeks and weeks but as you'll soon read, talking to her family about it really helped her. Still, nothing can stop those nerves completely and that's why I hope these guests posts are helpful to those who need a little encouragement. 

"My thoughts on the smear test:

In the summer of last year I received what most girls my age dread – my invitation for a smear test. Not only was I quite miffed about getting old (let’s face it, the timing of the smear test is basically a great big signal that screams “say BUH-bye to your early twenties!”), I was also quite positively a bit terrified. I have to admit that I was guilty of leaving it on the sideboard for a little while, trying to forget about it. But my Mum had always drilled into my sister and I how important the test was, so a few weeks later I picked the brown envelope back up again.

I didn’t know much about the smear test really, but after reading the little information booklet that came with my invite I knew that I had to go and get one. Research shows that up to 4,500 lives will be saved each year due to the cervical screening test – those are stats you can’t really argue with. However I was still incredibly nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I spoke to my Mum and a couple of friends who all explained that there really wasn’t anything to worry about – not the most fun ten minutes of your life, but in the grand scheme of things, nothing to kick up a fuss about.

This helped me feel a bit more at ease, but I have to admit that I was still pretty nervous when I was in the doctor’s reception waiting for my appointment. This is when I made the biggest rookie error- googling it. The internet was full of sensationalist, negative accounts – it was horrible to read and made me even more nervous, which is why I was so moved by Leona’s campaign to spread a more positive and honest message.

Truth be told – my experience of the smear test wasn’t really anything to write home about. The nurse who did it was fantastic. She spent five minutes at the beginning of my appointment explaining what was going to happen and asking if I had any questions. She really put my mind at ease – she was gentle and considerate, and really empathised with me feeling nervous. I would definitely recommend requesting a female doctor or nurse for your smear test as they will usually have experienced exactly what you are going through and will help you to relax.

The process itself wasn’t half as bad as I imagined – Leona did such a great job of explaining it in her post that I won’t go into too much detail, but will just give you my experiences. I had thought that it would be painful but it wasn’t – I would say maybe slightly uncomfortable but nothing more. The nurse was gentle and kept telling me exactly what was coming next so that I felt at ease. She made sure my modesty was as covered as possible at all times, and for what it is quite an intimate procedure it didn’t feel too awkward at all.

Once the nurse had taken the sample she sat down with me and explained how I would get my results and also talked through what the different outcomes might be. She made sure I knew that abnormal results were nothing to be too worried about and encouraged me to call the doctors surgery if I didn’t hear back within the allotted timeframe.

Like the majority of women my results were completely normal and providing I have no other issues, I won’t need to be checked again for the next 4 years. I felt a little bit daft once it was all over about how worked up I’d got myself – it really isn’t a big deal and could potentially save your life. I really do hope that by joining Leona and the rest of the team she has rallied together in putting our experiences out there that it will help more of you feel at ease before your test. This kind of thing would really have helped to put my mind at rest and the Internet could definitely do with a bit more smear positivity!"

If you want to talk to Sophie about her experience you can find her
 blog and Twitter here. 

You might think that talking about something as personal as a smear test isn't important at all. You probably even think that it's something people just don't want to read about but honestly, there will be someone out there who could use your encouragement and positive words and together you could save a life!  It really is so important to ask questions and talk about any worries you may have so please please feel free to send me an email or a quick tweet if you have any questions. 

If you'd like to share your own story then please feel free to email me! Or you can leave a link to a post you've already written in the comments. 

Thanks so much for sharing your story Sophie!

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Sophie & Leona!

Sunday, February 22

The Fun of Having a Shower With Your Dog.

Once upon a time I was having a nice shower. Rex was tucked up in his bed in the bathroom. If I'm home alone then I bring Rex in the bathroom with me so that he isn't lonely. He usually just has a little rest in his bed but this day he was curious about the look of this shower thing. He walked over to the bath and leaned up to have a look at this weird water stuff falling down from the sky. 

It was a nice little coincidink because he needed a bath anyway so I decided to grab the opportunity. I said "up" and he jumped in the tub. He seemed pretty intrigued by the whole thing and he walked straight into the water. I thought he'd run straight back out of there once he felt the water hitting him but he was fine! 

He sat in the bath for a while and then once we were all nice and clean I dried him off. I carried him into the living room, rapped in a towel for Liam to dry him off some more. 

And that's the story of the shower I had with Rex. Oh, the life of a dog owner. 

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Friday, February 20

A Valentines Treat for us Both With Hugo Boss!

Valentine's is never actually a big thing for us. We don't usually even bother with cards to be honest. It's just another day after all. It's much more exciting getting a card or a gift on an unexpected day of the year. I just think it makes it a thousand times sweeter when you're doing something off your own back because you love someone rather than doing it because the rest of the world is. That's just my opinion though, I know that people love Valentine's day and that's cool. 

Because Valentine's day isn't really a big day for us we don't usually do presents for each other so it was pretty nice to wake up on Saturday morning to a parcel with a gift for us each. 

The Fragrance Shop very kindly sent us both a new scent to try out. Hugo Woman* for myself and Hugo Man* for Liam. I was so freakin' excited I whipped them out of their packaging so quickly! 

I love that they haven't designed the bottles to be distinctively male or female orientated. They haven't covered the female one in bows and girly things and made it pink, and the men's one isn't huge and bulky and covered in camouflage. 

Hugo Woman smells so gorgeous. It reminded me of Lacoste Pink but with a much, much, much, nicer scent to it. It's a more mature smell and I really like it. It's a fruity, floral scent and it lasts for hours. I really like that it's a fragrance you can wear as an everyday scent (it's not too pungent) or an evening wear treat. I'll be using it on every occasion because I really like the smell!

Hugo Man is incredible. Have you ever smelt an aftershave/cologne/perfume on your beloved and thought "Jesus Christ I must kiss you right now because that smells SO SEXY." That's exactly how Hugo Man smells. It's an incredibly sexy smell and I would be more than happy for Liam to wear it every day, it smells that gorgeous. 

Do you own either of these fragrances? What do you think of them? 

Another parcel turned up on Saturday morning. It was supposed to be a birthday present for me but Liam said he was too excited about it so I could have it as a Valentine's Day present. LOOKIT! If you don't know what it is then I'm sorry, we can't be friends. It's now been put up in our living room (I asked if we could paint our walls purple to go with it...) and it looks SO GREAT. Thank you Liam! <3

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