Wednesday, May 20

Review :: The Wet Brush!

The Wet Brush* :: £8.99

I cannot even tell you how annoying it is to brush my hair when it's wet. Don't get me wrong, I really do love my hair but it just takes so long to brush when wet! It never looks that tangly. I come out of the shower thinking "oh! It looks all right today!" and then starts the boring task of brushing those damn tangles out.

I've tried many tricks over the years. Some of which have helped, for instance:
1. Brushing through any knots while I'm conditioning my hair.
2. Using a de-tangling spray - although this only worked for a few weeks! God knows why it stopped working?
3. Letting my hair dry before even thinking about touching it with a brush. It turns out, brushing those knots out while my hair is dry is just as painful, who knew?

That was before. I always assumed it was just something I'd have to put up with because my hair is long but low and behold, my life has been changed.

Then The Wet Brush* entered my life. It is magical. It works using some kind of hair magic. Gone are the days of getting annoyed at those stupid little tangles that just won't budge. The Wet Brush has long, soft bristles that don't pull too much or cause any breakage to my hair. It softly glides over the hair, gently removing each tangle. Which means brushing my hair after a shower now is a doddle and pain free! It only takes me a couple of minutes to brush now instead of the 10 bloody minutes it used to take. Can you tell I'm in love with this badboy?

They even have a new pastel range because they just know how much we bloggers love our things to be pastel coloured!

Have you ever used The Wet Brush before?

Leona ♥
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*I was sent this product to review. All views are honest, and in the words of Bert, "indubitably!" my own.

Wednesday, May 13

Wednesday Loves #103!

Fashion should always be inspired by nature because MY GOD is it beautiful.

Americans trying to work out what a "cheeky Nando's" is, is my new favourite thing.

I'm sure I've told you before how much of a sweetheart Sophie is. Well she's putting together a little series to help others with their Etsy shops. What a babe!

If I could just pop this on every wall of our flat then I'd probably get more housework done.

Friends quotes make politics a lot more bearable.

Look at this dragon ring!

Cute little hedgehog! I repeat, super cute little hedgehog!

Danni is so skilled! How on earth does one person have such high level of cake skill?

This pillow is beautiful!

Erica's unicorn dress is amazing!

Other awesome links:
<3 Have you ever thought... we eat pizza from the inside out. Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed. In order to fall asleep you have to pretend to be asleep and plenty other random thought that actually make so much sense.
<3 Watch the moment a woman saves a fox from being killed during a hunt. You can also read more about the wonderful work her and her colleagues do for the fight against fox hunting.
<3 Hmm, an interesting thought of Jesus and his views on being gay.
<3 The Rock posted the sweetest message about his mum on Mothers' Day and it's just so wonderful!
<3 Want your kid to have a wonderful Harry Potter themed nursery? Look no further!
<3 21 incredible important questions we have for our dogs. I really want to know whether they do just flat-out ignore us sometimes, I'm sure Rex does.

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Need help finding a good blog schedule that works for you? I know I find it hard enough! Becky's got some great tips for you!
<3 Looking for a film to watch that will make you laugh? Toni's got a list of some great ones to suggest!
<3 Hot damn! Look at how amazing Hannah looks in her Zara dress. She looks like a gorgeous targaryen lady!
<3 Gemma has shared her top 10 cute Instagram accounts and she's not wrong, they're all pretty damn cute!

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Monday, May 11

Style Icons :: Kimmy Schmidt!

You're probably already aware of the fact that I absolutely love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you haven't watched it then you really should. It's fantastic. It's funny and it's an instant pick-me-up. When I watch the show I find myself lusting over basically everything the main character, Kimmy, wears. Just look at the outfit she has going on right there! A yellow cardigan - instant happy. Floral shirt - insta-cute! Pink jeans - yes please! I think we can all agree that those Skechers are INCREDIBLE.

These days, if I'm searching the web for some new clothes I immediately go into the mind of Kimmy Schmidt. Is it made of the most beautiful colours? No? Ignored! Yes? Let's have it! Is it a little dull but would totally compliment a floral pair of jeans (Which I am definitely buying when payday comes around again, b-t-dubs)? Yes? I'll take it! 

Kimmy manages to look incredibly fun and colourful without looking like she's just fallen into every shelf of Claire's accessories. I mean, that look was fine when I was 15 but I think I need more of an adult look to it these days. 

Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? What do you think of Kimmy's style?

Leona ♥
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Monday, May 4

Things That Have Made Me Happy This April!

How can it already be May? This year is just flying by! Becca's hen do is in two weeks, she's getting married in exactly two months and then half of the year will have gone already! I can't believe she'll be a married woman in 2 months!! That's just absolutely crazy! It's all very exciting though. The thought of the hen do is making me very excited. No spoilers here though, it's a surprise and I know she'll be lurking ;) So, less about that and more about what's been making me happy!

Morning cuddles with Rex. The best thing about my days off is firstly, the extra time in bed (obviously!) bit secondly, the cuddles with Rex! He always comes in for a snuggle and it's just the sweetest. 

Finally seeing Hidden in Plain View. I cannot even tell you how much of a dream come true this was. Actually I can, because I plan on writing a post about it. Huzzah!

Fun days with Shark. We don't get to see each other very often but it's always so bloody lovely when we do. We definitely need to see each other more!

Free Chinese. Because free food is the best food.

A meal with my besty. Becca and I have become obsessed with The Crooked Inn.  It's a beautiful little pub/restaurant in Cornwall and honest to blog, their chips are the most incredible tasting chips in the whole world. I dream about those chips. After eating, we headed back to Becca's and put together her wedding favours while drinking some yummy wine. 

Fun on the moors with friends. Well the lovely weather was nice while it lasted, wasn't it? Spending evenings on the moors with my friends is one of my favourite things to do. 

Seeing McBusted again. Boy oh boy do I love those lads. 

Seeing Chelsea. It's always a barrel of fun but it's even more fun when we get to dance to McBusted together.

Sitting in Sadie's garden in the sun. I wish the sun would bring its gorgeous little head back out. Chilling in the sun in the garden is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Caramel Easter nests. I love these so much. Whether they're in bun cases or just in the shape of a yummy little rectangle, I could eat them all day. I might have to make some soon. 

Visiting Truro with my mum. I always like venturing into Cornwall with my mum because I hear lots of little stories about family members and funny tales of when we were younger. 

What's been making you happy lately?

Leona ♥
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