Thursday, December 18

Blogmas Day Eighteen :: The One With The Five Year Anniversary.

All photos by Brandon Chesbro

Five years ago today Liam got down on one knee and proposed to me... on Wembley Arena stage... with Paramore. I don't think those words are ever going to sink in.

Our week had started with a trip to Cardiff to see Paramore. We'd bundled us and all of our friends into two cars and made the journey to see one of our favourite bands. We drove home that evening and I have honestly never felt so much post-gig depression than I have ever felt that evening. I just wanted to be back there watching Paramore. A day or so later Liam told me to open one of my Christmas presents. I restrained myself for a while because it was just over a week before Christmas - I didn't want to open a present yet but he insisted that I really needed to open one of them. So I did, it was an envelope and inside was a booking confirmation for The Hilton Hotel in Wembley and under that were 2 tickets for Paramore's Wembley date. Let's just say I lost my sh*t with excitement.

Fast forward to the evening of December 18th and we're stood in Wembley Arena, watching Paramore perform Turn It Off. Once they'd finished, Hayley starts talking to the crowd and... well... you can watch the rest right now if you'd like. Or you can read my 5 year old post about it all; I tried to write my thoughts from that evening down and it came out in the jumbled mess of words. I thought about going back and editing them but you can just hear the excitement in my voice. The spelling mistakes and grammatical errors just show you how bloody excited I was about writing it all up and reliving it!

"How did he manage to pull it off?" I hear you ask! Well he told me afterwards that he'd spent months trying to get hold of Paramore's management team, their events team and even Paramore themselves but all their management would say was something along the lines of "Sorry, no". Liam spotted Josh at the sound desk this night and handed him a letter that asked if they could help him propose. Apparently he'd only wanted them to ask me for him, he didn't for a second anticipate that they would be awesome enough to get us up on stage! I can't imagine how nervous he was as we were running up to the stage!

I still can't believe it happened.

I still can't believe I didn't throw up on stage from being so nervous.

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Wednesday, December 17

Blogmas Day Seventeen :: Wednesday Loves #89!


Have you ever been so tired that you just can't sit up anymore?

Look at these little guys! Needle felting is so awesome.

This is great!

My Sister's Lonely Christmas Cards. These are pretty hilarious.

How beautiful is this necklace?

How great is this picture? They look so young!

You can get your pet put on a mug!!!!

This happens to me like once a week. I swear.

Oh lord this mug is SO CUTE!

Other awesome links:
<3 This is probably the greatest assignment a teacher has ever set. He gets his students to write a letter to their future selves and then gives them to them 20 years later. This is such an interesting idea!
<3 Look at this Scotty Dog print jumper! Just look at it! It's so cute!
<3 How one man saved a drowning duck. Hooray!
<3 How many of these 8-bit characters do you recognise? (Becky, tread lightly. You know who is in it! Not Voldemort, the other one.)
<3 "Santa hates you!" Not your usual Christmas card, but it's bloody great.
<3 I wrapped my dad's presents last night and this exact thing happened. 

Awesome people in blog land:
<3 Chelsea needs your help choosing some glasses! You get to see four photos of her face too which is always a little treat.
<3 Kloe shared her 25 favourite things about Christmas and I would definitely include so many of these on my list!
<3 Ayden's hair has always looked beautiful but it has been so on point (as the cool kids say...) recently! Just look at how great it looks in this post.
<3 How pretty is Lauren's dress? The answer is SO PRETTY.
<3 Christen wrote a sweet little message to her little boy. She looks absolutely beautiful in her pictures too.

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Tuesday, December 16

Blogmas Day Sixteen :: This Week I've...

 ...spent some quality time with the besty. I had a nice little catch up with Becca this week. She'd taken her niece to see the big snow-globe in town and after that we met up for some yummy hot chocolates. It was a lovely little catch up, we exchanged Christmas presents (we didn't open them! It's not Christmas yet!) and then Mia decided to plait my hair for me so I did a pretty little fishtail plait for her. They always look so much prettier when you do them on someone else!

...eaten all of the chocolate. I treated us to some  super yummy chocolates this week. I haven't eaten it al really. I've only had 6 Fererro Rochers so far. The last time I bought some After Eights I ate the whole pack in just 24 hours! I'm trying to behave myself this time and will eat them in moderation. haha!

 ...been admiring A's Christmas tree. A and C have always had a great Christmas tree. It really feels like Christmas is here when you walk into their living room and see this bad boy stood in the corner. It has more lights than I've ever seen on one tree and it is definitely my tree-spiration for next year. 

...finally got around to watching the best film ever. I haven't watched Love Actually in months and months. I used to watch it all the time but Liam hasn't been working away recently and I don't want to make him sit through it five or six times a year so this has been the first time that I've watched it in yonks. Do I still love it? Of course! 


Monday, December 15

Blogmas Day Fifteen :: Rex Was Such A Cutie!

This post doesn't even really need an explanation. I'm just going to let you enjoy some puppy photos of Rex because Timehop reminded me that 4 years ago today we brought this little guy home.